Rites of Commitment

June 26, 2017 — 1 Comment

Sunday was a stellar day for our family. The kind you remember all your life if you were part of it.

Two cousins got baptized. Their cousin baptized them. That cousin became ordained that evening. We marked a remarkable day for three grandsons.

In the morning, the two younger cousins went under water. “Buried in Christ. Risen in Christ.” Now walking a new way.

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Perhaps we do our children harm by almost cloistering them in our communities–our churches, schools, and friendships. 

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Summer seems to rush by more quickly than other seasons. As all seasons do, summer will turn into a few snapshots of mental images.

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When events are fresh in our minds, we appreciate each other. We disagree more agreeably because of what happened.

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A couple of generations after Roe, the idea that the strong can decide what life should be for the weak is not legal but it is becoming normalized. 

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The Power of Story

June 2, 2017 — 1 Comment

He was a high school English teacher when he met her. She wasn’t his boss. She wouldn’t become his wife. She was just another student in his classroom.

But because of her, his life would change forever.

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In the meantime, we build bigger school buildings and bus more kids to them. They are mini-cities–too big to manage. A Lord of the Flies environment with Piggies’ waiting to be pushed off the cliff. And some jumping to their own deaths.

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Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget! Kipling
Today is a day for remembering,
Heroes who fought wars for us,
And didn’t come home.
Wives, sisters, and mothers,
Fathers and brothers,

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“So I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; hence, she has shown great love.” Luke 7: 47

I knew something was wrong as I pulled over to pick my son up after school. He stood on the sidewalk of his elementary school and had a look of fear in his eyes.

He had gotten in trouble. He and some other boys were fooling around in the bathroom.

Noise and water. A scolding from the principal. Detention.

He was drowning in guilt and fear, anticipating my reaction. Continue Reading…

One of my granddaughters got in the car after the half-day of school. I asked how the morning had gone.

“We had the puberty lesson, today.” She lifted a plastic bag containing the “kit” she received for me to see. It was a bit scary but exciting too.

She stands on the threshold of a new chapter in life. Not in the experience yet–but knowing about the experience. A page has turned in its time. Turning the pages from youth to adulthood can be hard to get right. Turn too fast or turn the wrong way, and you can rip a page. You can get hurt.

To everything there is a season. Continue Reading…