BLOGPOST: When Unity Can’t Happen

“Much of Christianity’s retreat from the truth or tempering of our witness in the West has been motivated by good intentions—not to offend or be judgmental, the desire to feel more personally connected to God and to make Christianity more relevant and culturally acceptable.
“The history of Christianity…shows the reverse to be the case. While we always want to be sensitive to other cultures, we cannot be co-opted by them.”  Charles Colson
One of the most amazing aspects of the Gospel is its universal appeal. It tears down the walls of culture. It is for people of all races and from all nations. Rather than being exclusive, it is inclusive. All may come.
Churches need to guard against the perception that they are closed communities, that minorities need not participate.
One thing the Gospel cannot do is deny truth. And coming to Christ means commitment to truth and striving in obedience toward holiness.
The world works hard today to deny truth. Truth is the foundation of our orthodox beliefs about God. Christian unity comes only from the truth of who God is: Three persons, the Father, the Son who gave Himself to pay the price for our sins, the Spirit who ministers today.
We cannot unite in ministry with any who deny these truths.
The truth of who God is extends to the truth of who we are. We can disagree on what communion or worship should look like and still agree that God made us. He made us in His image. That makes us sacred beings. That makes our relationships sacred.
We cannot unite in ministry with any who deny these truths.
Perhaps you say I should be able to minister beside a person who believes that God does not disapprove of same sex marriage, someone who thinks God is okay with abortion, at least in extreme cases. Perhaps you say I am unreasonable to build a wall that would prevent me from, say, handing out food to the homeless next to a person with such views.
We could agree that Christ asks us to feed the hungry, that He asks us to help people in crisis.
But when it comes to endorsing same sex marriage or intentionally ending pregnancies by killing the unborn, we have left the realm of agreement.
One is compassion for compassion’s sake. The other is not bigotry, but compassion based on truth.
America is catching on to the harm abortion does not only to the unborn, but also to the mothers, fathers, grandparents, and surviving siblings. It is not simply a choice without consequences. And those consequences affect more than one person who is afraid and feels hopeless.  She doesn’t need an abortion. She needs someone who says, “I will walk through this season with you.”
America has not caught on to the harm of homosexual relationships. But that harm is real. And like the consequences of abortion, the fallout from gay relationships is damaging.
Love doesn’t just buy into tolerance because it’s popular. Love speaks the truth. Let’s come together and speak the truth in love.

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