The Power of One Life

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. 
Psalm 139:14.
One cell. And no one knows you are here yet. No one except God.
Eternity has shifted because you are.
All that you will be is within this one cell, you–your cocoa brown hair, your sea green eyes. Your stubborn temperament that will eventually mellow but never become too passive, too gullible.
You will love dancing, playing the piano, and writing stories you think are silly for the brothers who will come after you.
You will not like peas.
In this early part of your life, you are tuned to your mother’s heart as you never will be again. You reside within her rhythm, the sound of her song, the silence of her musing and her sleep.
You are wonderful.
But life will strive to convince you that you are only the dust of your form. It will say you are an imbalance of chemicals. A misplaced cog in a machine that chugs, spurts, and smokes ugliness and purposelessness.
You are not ugly. You are beautiful. And you have a purpose. And just as God is the only one who knows you exist, He is the only one now who can see your purpose.
In forming you, God has crafted. He has created. He formed you so you could create too. We all reflect that aspect of Him, even if we only teach others to see it in themselves.
You are ideas and smiles, memories yet to be made and lessons yet to be taught. The memories and lessons are for you to carry and bestow to others as a gift.
You are part of the eternal tapestry.  Crimson, azure, and golden threads–that is what your life looks like from above. No one else can see it now.
You are small, but the world needs you. You have power to bring balance and beauty as you live out your purpose.
You are small, but the world needs you.

NOTE: Next week is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity–January 18 to 25. One issue has brought unity of purpose to Christians from all denominations, the issue of life. Please pray and work for unity within the Church and on behalf of the unborn.
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