BLOGPOST: The Spirit and the Bride Say "Come"

Take my hand and take this ring
And know that I will always love you
Through anything.
Matthew West
June is the month of weddings, and I went to a special one recently. Many aspects were like any other wedding. But in some ways, this wedding differed from most. And those ways enhanced the significance of the day.
As is typical, the dresses, flowers, and church were beautiful. The bride glowed in the love of her groom. He beamed in her love for him. She was from head to toe a princess. He was a handsome prince. Parents smiled. The photographer snapped.
The day seemed to unfold without a hitch–at least until the ushers, aided by the groom’s mother, struggled to unfold the reluctant aisle runner. Every wedding has such a moment.
Otherwise, to every appearance, the day had all the markings of a fairy tale.
But missing was an assumption so common in contemporary weddings. The assumption of fairy tales. Of every future moment promising a piece of “happily ever after.” Of every day being as sweet as the cake. At nearly every turn in this wedding, bride and groom reminded us–this work called marriage won’t always be easy and fun, but we commit ourselves to it anyway.
The young pastor conducting the ceremony told them that their marriage could be a haven from the world or a battleground. He advised them to serve “each other in the way that you so desire to be served.”
The model of such service is Christ who washed the disciples’ feet. This bride and groom washed each other’s feet. Water to clean our feet, dirty from traveling the earth. Bride and groom reminding us of Christ’s humility.
Later they would toss the bouquet and throw the garter. Then they prayed with those coming to catch tradition.
They had carefully planned–each detail designed to be meaningful. But as the aisle runner demonstrated, plans don’t always unfold seamlessly. Unbeknownst to the guests, a quick check before the ceremony revealed that a computer file wouldn’t open. The song to escort mothers down the aisle would not play.
So the soloist pulled out her wedding song book.

Grow old along with me,
Whatever fate decrees,
We will see it through,
For our love is true.
God bless our love,
God bless our love.

John Lennon
The Author of all makes His plans too, painting details into our days. Days that are special, days that are ordinary. Those details we carry with us into easy times and hard times.
He invites us all to the life He leads. Let Him paint details into your days. Come.

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