Election Update: Chicago Cubs still alive; the GOP, not so much

A few weeks ago, I pointed out that the Cubs could win the World Series for the first time in 108 years and that the presidential election had gotten crazy.
The Cubs are still in the chase. And the election is even crazier.
In Utah, a gentleman (You get to use that term so seldom today) named Evan McMullin is polling at 22 percent with both Clinton and Trump tied at 26. I didn’t know he existed two days ago–even after a pollster called to ask who I would vote for. Yesterday, I found out that, in that one state, he is at least close to the margin of error.
He could become the first third-party candidate to take a state since George Wallace took five of them in 1968. I remember 1968. It wasn’t until 1:00 pm on Wednesday that Hubert H. Humphrey conceded the election to Richard M. Nixon.
I was in seventh grade. My parents had voted for Nixon with the idea that he would handle a war better than Humphrey would. I thought America had won the day.
This year, America is enduring an election we cannot win. And our election news is a sad commentary on our present state of affairs–no pun intended.
Both Republican nominee Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton seem to be vying to see who can outdo Bill Cosby as a world class assaulter of women.
And Hillary Clinton has Wikileaks tying her to an effort to assault the authority of the Catholic Church.
Serious Christians of any denomination would do a disservice to Niemoller if we did not take note that, in this day, first, they came for the Catholics.
Social and commercial media are alive with calls from Republicans, even Evangelical Republicans, to stay true to Trump. But there are also ads for Hillary in which Republican women admonish us to cross party lines to protest Trump’s misdeeds.
In spite of the surging of McMullin in Utah, an Electoral College crisis seems unlikely. It appears that Hillary Clinton is the heir apparent to the Oval Office. And that the Grand Old Party may find that November 8, 2016, was the day it found itself in a smoldering heap.
In the 1980s, Christian evangelicals were at the top of our game. Pro-life conservative Christians of various traditions were part of the coalition that propelled the Reagan Revolution. But the landscape where we fought the Culture War has shifted.
And our perspective must shift in response. We must face a new reality. We are in a new place engaged in a different kind of battle. American Conservative columnist/blogger Rod Dreher:
We lost the culture war, and now live in what you might call occupied territory. Now we have to be resistance fighters, and that requires a lot of patient, careful, deliberate work. The old-guard Christian leaders who think the main battlefront is in politics are incapable of leading the kind of resistance we need. They are fighting the last war. We need a Charles de Gaulle. We need a St. Benedict. If we are going to get them, they’re going to have to come from within our own ranks. 
The Culture War was never about the next election. It was always about faith, family, and life itself. Our most important principles, tenets–our lifeblood itself.
There may be good days ahead for the Chicago Cubs–or the curse may rear its head yet again.
Either way, this day is a new day in America for Christians. It is a day for “patient, careful, and deliberate work.” It is not a day for despondency. Rather it is a day for answering our calling. For stepping up to the plate.
Every new day is a cause for hope. For we are the ones who hold the light of new day. We hold the light that shines in darkness. The only hope for the world.
But only if we remain true to our faith.

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