Abortion: The Issue that Never Dies

“The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships.” ― Mother Teresa.
Forty-four years after Roe v. Wade and  America finds that the issue will just not go away. There was an expectation that a generation or two growing up with this “right” would not be able to find its way back. The issue would dissolve into acceptance. The procedures would be legal, safe, and rare.
Many did not walk down that road of thought.
But rare it is becoming. We have looked through the window of the womb and many of us have found ourselves.
The shift in thinking today seems to spring from a scientific view–not a religious one. An accusation in the early days of the argument was that those who opposed abortion sought to impose a religious view on the non-religious.
But then came sonogram imagery and Bernard Nathanson and Vasu Murti.
Mother Teresa spoke for the unborn. She was a religious figure, and her argument had its foundation in her faith. But she spoke of relationships. About love and family. About who we are supposed to be, in spite of who we sometimes are.
There will be a march on Washington on Friday. Every year since 1974, pro-life America has remembered. Pro-life America has taught her children. Those children are teaching their children. And the children are learning well.
There was another march on another day. It wasn’t supposed to be about abortion. Women marched to protest the bad behavior of the newly inaugurated president. But pro-life America was told we were not welcome.
It’s a sign of our division as a nation that women who reasonably agree on the definition of misogyny cannot march in unity.
Rod Dreher points out that the march drew big numbers. “This is not going away anytime soon. The divisions are deep, and real, and the passions are hot.” Some hearts are changing; others are hardening.
There is no middle ground on the issue of life. There never has been, nor can there ever be. Life and death have no in between.
But the side that affirms life must always be the side that speaks in love and acts in peace.

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