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“Statistically, there is no hope here.”

That’s what one doctor told former Senator Rick Santorum and his wife Karen when their daughter Bella was born.

More than nine years ago.

The doctor referred to Bella as “baby”–because somehow we are more human when we have a name. And he could not bring himself to attribute humanity to her. Continue Reading…


Rites of Commitment

June 26, 2017 — 3 Comments

Sunday was a stellar day for our family. The kind you remember all your life if you were part of it.

Two cousins got baptized. Their cousin baptized them. That cousin became ordained that evening. We marked a remarkable day for three grandsons.

In the morning, the two younger cousins went under water. “Buried in Christ. Risen in Christ.” Now walking a new way.

One grandson remarked, “I’m really wet.” Continue Reading…

Perhaps we do our children harm by almost cloistering them in our communities–our churches, schools, and friendships. 

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Summer seems to rush by more quickly than other seasons. As all seasons do, summer will turn into a few snapshots of mental images.

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When events are fresh in our minds, we appreciate each other. We disagree more agreeably because of what happened.

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A couple of generations after Roe, the idea that the strong can decide what life should be for the weak is not legal but it is becoming normalized. 

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The Power of Story

June 2, 2017 — 1 Comment

He was a high school English teacher when he met her. She wasn’t his boss. She wouldn’t become his wife. She was just another student in his classroom.

But because of her, his life would change forever.

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