When Trisomy (and otherwise challenged) Babies Don't Die

“Statistically, there is no hope here.”
That’s what one doctor told former Senator Rick Santorum and his wife Karen when their daughter Bella was born.
More than nine years ago.
The doctor referred to Bella as “baby”–because somehow we are more human when we have a name. And he could not bring himself to attribute humanity to her. Continue reading “When Trisomy (and otherwise challenged) Babies Don't Die”

Rites of Commitment

Sunday was a stellar day for our family. The kind you remember all your life if you were part of it.
Two cousins got baptized. Their cousin baptized them. That cousin became ordained that evening. We marked a remarkable day for three grandsons.
In the morning, the two younger cousins went under water. “Buried in Christ. Risen in Christ.” Now walking a new way.
One grandson remarked, “I’m really wet.” Continue reading “Rites of Commitment”

Helping Them Want the Sunlight

It’s something there isn’t much room for in the Church. It’s something that can make us uncomfortable to even think about.
Even as I write, I feel just a bit…anxious.
But it’s something we have to face.
Andrea Lucado’s English Lessons: The Crooked Path of Growing Toward Faith is a memoir of her experiences during the year she spent attending graduate school in England. It was also the year she climbed a mountain of doubt about her faith. Continue reading “Helping Them Want the Sunlight”

The Fruit of Every Season

Summer is a time of rituals just as entrenched as those of winter.
Yours may be different from ours.
Even before summer officially begins, we’ve already watched the Stanley Cup and NBA finals. Already picked strawberries. Already been to a local summer basketball game for the league established nearly 50 years ago. And there is more to come.
Like every other season, summer has its special foods. With our fresh picked strawberries, we made strawberry shortcake (and homemade whipped cream)! We savor grilled meat, ice cream, fresh-picked veggies. Blueberry and cherry season are fast approaching. Continue reading “The Fruit of Every Season”

Remembering So We Don't Forget

It was that kind of news story. The kind that means you always remember where you were when you heard about it.
I was headed home from school in third grade–dismissed early–when my friend’s older brother whispered in her ear that President Kennedy had been shot. We walked the rest of the way home convincing each other it wasn’t true. Continue reading “Remembering So We Don't Forget”

The Slippery Slope Is Real

It was called the slippery slope. A pro-life argument that legalizing and normalizing abortion would lead to further disregard for human life. It was part of the discussion in the early years of the pro-life cause.
Abortion would lead to infanticide and then, first passive, then active, euthanasia.
In 1982, the case of Baby Doe continued the slide. Baby Doe had been born with Down Syndrome and a need for surgery to connect his esophagus to his stomach. It’s a fairly common defect. And usually, there is no question about doing the surgery. Continue reading “The Slippery Slope Is Real”