The Fruit of Every Season

Summer is a time of rituals just as entrenched as those of winter.
Yours may be different from ours.
Even before summer officially begins, we’ve already watched the Stanley Cup and NBA finals. Already picked strawberries. Already been to a local summer basketball game for the league established nearly 50 years ago. And there is more to come.
Like every other season, summer has its special foods. With our fresh picked strawberries, we made strawberry shortcake (and homemade whipped cream)! We savor grilled meat, ice cream, fresh-picked veggies. Blueberry and cherry season are fast approaching.
And fireworks. What would summer be without fireworks? One of our own sets off the explosives at a yearly family reunion. It’s when we catch up with those near and far whom we don’t see very often. Time to celebrate America–to celebrate being American.
It’s a season of more time with grandchildren, day trips to the lake with picnic lunches, jaunts to the library. Time to speak history and truth to them. Time to build each other up. Time to see neighbors and reconnect after winter’s isolation.
It’s a season of less stress in some ways. We don’t load the woodstove. It doesn’t take 10 minutes of putting on extra clothes just to walk the dog. Bedtime and sometimes wake-up times are more flexible. Sometimes, there is even time for a lazy summer nap. And quiet walks with carpet and walls of lush green all around.
Like other seasons, there is anticipation–a future beach trip with loved ones–but I don’t want to wish the weeks away.
Right now, it seems like there is plenty of time for making memories and building upon traditions. But with the official onset of summer, the days already begin to shorten. Another new season sits along the horizon. Then time will hold more structure, schedules will tighten, harvest foods will occupy the table–anticipation of crisp days and crisper apples.
Summer seems to rush by more quickly than other seasons. As all seasons do, summer will turn into a few snapshots of mental images. Some actual pictures on Facebook. Moments. Pieces of hours we try to hang onto as they fly by.
I want time to pause. To slow down.
But time moves on and we must move with it. There is fruit to gather and store as there is all year round.
Tradition and memory. They are the available crop of every season.  Reap while you may.

What are your favorite summer traditions?

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  1. The only constant is change. We need the change of seasons to avoid boredom and complacency.
    As to summer traditions, I think we, my wife and I, just enjoy the longer days and the better weather.

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