Rebuilding among the Ruins

Western Civilization has rounded the bend toward decline before. Awakening came and the people returned to God. Reprieves come. But faithlessness returns. And we have no guarantees that reprieve will come again.
How to pray?
That people would return to God.
That our faithfulness would manifest itself in love for each other, love for our enemies, and love for our perceived enemies–those who disagree with us, those who are different from us. That we would reject presumption, assumption, and pride.
That we would embrace gratitude and reject entitlement.
That believers would dismiss our petty differences and come together in accord and love for Christ, His Church, and those in need.
That we would be people of integrity, seeking peace, justice, and freedom for all.
That we would deserve leaders with integrity who pursue peace, justice, and freedom for all.
That we would seek God and find our purpose in serving Him. That we would reject pleasure for pleasure’s sake. And seek the kind of happiness that comes from showing kindness and generosity.
That family members would each seek good for the other and not just themselves. And that through seeking good for others, they might find a truer good themselves. A better good.
That neighbors would love neighbors. Overlook faults. Meet needs. Encourage each other. Rejoice with those who rejoice. And mourn with those who mourn.
That communities would remember history. That they would mourn the bad and celebrate the good. Yet remember it all. For in forgetting the bad comes once again.
And that nations would honor God. That they would care for their weakest members and call the strong to duty and responsibility.
Let’s pray that we shine light. That we honor God in all our dealings. That we do what he asked. Love Him, love our neighbors, and make disciples.
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  1. Amen! As you have said, Nancy, if any one of society’s established institutions of schools, families, or churches falters in their responsibility to teach the established values on which our society has flourished for 240 years, what you see happening now is the natural result. Lack of respect for one another, disrespect for those who protect our institutions, disregard for those who cannot protect themselves, undue value placed on superficial entertainment idols, dishonest media propping up egocentric self serving politicians, phony morality designed to place human judgement ahead of God’s standards, and the intentional destruction of the family unit are accomplished with the full support of those in power who are supposed to defend, uphold, even righteously draw a line daring the violators to approach. Only when we return to what has made us great will we again be that “shining city on the hill”.

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