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The Highest Good

October 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

The good of man, happiness, is some kind of activity of the soul in conformity with virtue. Aristotle

It was a moment like none I’d ever seen before. I was watching the team some of my high school students and two of my grandsons play for. Our team was ahead–significantly.

Then two players collided. The official blew his whistle. But the player on the other team jumped up. “It was clean,” he shouted.

The game resumed without a penalty.

A smattering of applause arose from fans of both teams.

A few nights later, we attended an away game just an hour away. Several of our team’s best players were banged up and sat on the bench. The rest of the team was out on the field struggling. Losing–significantly. Continue Reading…


I couldn’t figure it out. A number of students were claiming the speaker was evoking emotion to convince his audience.

The speaker didn’t want them to feel. He wanted them to think. To reason. To deduce right from wrong. Feelings had little to do with it. But today, feelings make an argument. Most people don’t discern between feeling and thinking.

In the early days of the abortion debate, those who support abortion would accuse pro-lifers of just being emotional–too emotional–about the unborn.

Pro-lifers asserted that support for unborn life was more than hand-wringing anguish over potential life. It was reasoned protection for innocent human life. All innocent human life. The foundation for protecting such life was religious, moral, and scientific. It was never solely a religious argument. Sometimes, it wasn’t a religious argument at all. (See Dr. Bernard Nathanson.) Continue Reading…

A Better Way of Speaking

October 5, 2017 — 3 Comments

It wasn’t the kind of event that usually brings out protesters. It was a 5K run for a crisis pregnancy clinic, a fundraiser, not an attempt to draw attention to the issues at hand.

But protesters came. A handful of women carrying signs.

One sign caught my friend’s eye: “Good women have abortions.”

My friend approached the group, shook hands and introduced herself to each protester. As she worked her way down the line, she arrived in front of the woman carrying the sign that had drawn her to the group.

“I just want you to know that I think you’re right. Good women do sometimes make that choice to have an abortion,” she said. Continue Reading…

A benediction is a blessing. A blessing at the beginning.

Benediction welcomes new life. Benediction births new life seasons.

A life season is a period defined by a title–toddler, student, employee, wife, mother, grandmother, etc.

It was spring when my season last changed–from mother to grandmother. Now autumn comes with the anticipation of a new spring and another season. Continue Reading…