Liturgy of the Ordinary–A Review

“If I am to spend my whole life being transformed by the good news of Jesus, I must learn how grand, sweeping truths–doctrine, theology, ecclesiology, Christology–rub against the texture of an average day. How I spend this ordinary day is how I will spend my Christian life.” Tish Harrison Warren
An ordinary day. Do we truly have ordinary days? Or is every day something special? Something God is working through to shape us–to show us His grand, sweeping truths?
That’s the question Warren’s book Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life answers well.
Warren takes us from morning to evening, from waking to going to bed again. She encourages us to make our beds and brush our teeth and not stress over lost keys or too much email sucking away our time. She calls us to guilt-free indulgences of simple pleasures–sipping a cup of tea–delighting in a pastry–rejoicing in a nap–cultivating a friendship.
She invites us to find the extraordinary in an ordinary day and to pursue the wonder of great truths too often lost in mundane activities–making sandwiches and sitting in traffic.
But this book is not a how-to survive modernity in eleven easy steps. It’s worthy of individual or group study, complete with discussion questions at the end.
Our daily lives contain a struggle most of us–all of us?–deal with. The curse of modernity. We live hectic, crazy lives.
Liturgy of the Ordinary is an ointment for weary souls.

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