Abortion: A Money-Maker for Some, A Non-Choice for Women

“Two years after undercover videos rocked Planned Parenthood, the organization has emerged stronger than ever financially–thanks to a massive influx of private donors and support that is helping the organization evolve and restructure.” National Catholic Register.
It seems unbelievable that the truth about Planned Parenthood affiliates selling the body parts of unborn children could bring this result.
Not surprising is what PP is doing with the money: using it to keep more money coming in.
PP has allocated $96 million “to strengthening its grass-roots activists and lobbying apparatus” in order to “strengthen and secure Planned Parenthood.”
This news comes in the light of greatly reduced client numbers–down from three million to 2.4 million. PP is experiencing a 13 percent decrease in total services, a 14 percent decrease in abortion facilities, and most remarkably, a 60 percent decrease in prenatal care.
It seems some expectant mothers have seen the Daleiden videos. Or read the online reviews.
While the number of abortions PP performed declined from 327,000 to 321,000, PP’s share of the abortion market increased to 35 percent. As nationwide abortion numbers go down, the “procedure” is still a big money maker for PP.
In the meantime, a study cited in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons finds that most women aren’t choosing abortion of their own free will. Nearly three-quarters of post-abortive women report having “experienced at least subtle forms of pressure” to abort their children.
More than half of those surveyed “decided to abort in order to make others happy.” And nearly 30 percent aborted because of fear “they would lose their partner if they failed to terminate the pregnancy.”
Yet most couples who abort their child break up. Giving the other partner a higher priority than the unborn child does not save the relationship.
Planned Parenthood is supposed to be the great hope for women. But making money off people who are doing something they feel forced to do isn’t hopeful or helpful. It’s exploitative and self-serving. It has nothing to do with freedom or choice.
Planned Parenthood is bad for babies–bad for women–bad for couples.
Planned Parenthood is bad for America.

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5 Replies to “Abortion: A Money-Maker for Some, A Non-Choice for Women”

  1. This idea of a non-choice for women needs to be more fully discussed in pro-life organizations. Why? Because most pro-life groups (that seek/solicit charitable contributions) have and continue to concentrate their efforts on the supply side of the equation. Shut down Planned Parenthood, a noble idea and goal, but it won’t stop the ongoing carnage. The abortionists will open their own mega clinics and there will be a larger throughput in a smaller number of facilities (“clinics” – sic).
    The demand side of the equation must also be addressed as the reality is that demand creates its own supply. We hear that most women suffer some form of pressure in their decision or “choice” to abort. But just how much “pressure” is sufficient to tilt the decision towards the abortion? Does a lack of support by itself constitute pressure? Does apathy towards her crisis pregnancy by family members qualify as pressure? Women suffering from post abortion guilt may opt to think they were pressured into seeking their abortion as a means of assuaging or lessening their guilt. Yet, many woman do not regret their abortion(s). Many strong willed women are not easily pressured into anything.
    We have seen and heard over the years from various pro-life groups that abortion is a man’s issue as it is sexually irresponsible men who are completely at fault. (Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics spouts this biased view.) But, can this really be so? Unless one asserts that all these pregnancies are the result of rapes, saying men are completely responsible for abortion is simply a lie. Women, sorry to say, can and do act irresponsibly. The ones who know this best are women family and relationship counselors, by the way.
    Sorry to be long winded, but allow me a final comment from the wilderness before I go.
    When will abortion end in America? This question can be reworded thus:
    When will women – en masse- reject abortion?
    When will more Christian churches speak out against this immoral and barbaric practice?!

    1. To say it’s a man’s issue may not mean men are completely responsible for every abortion. Many men protest, but the women give them no say in the matter. Many men demand abortion, pressure toward abortion, or even apply the pressure of their disappearance.
      Families can step up and do more. And their absence may be implicit pressure. But we have to admit, many parents also demand abortion.
      Crisis pregnancy organizations have placed themselves well in the “marketplace” on this issue. That’s at least part of why the number of abortions is declining.

      1. As well, the number of abortions is declining in part because young people are being shown the truth about abortion by groups such as Created Equal (out of Columbus, Ohio) and Survivors (Riverside, CA). When young people on their college campus or in front of their high school see the images of aborted children, this takes the issue out of the abstract for them. They get to see for the first time what exactly this so-called woman’s right to abortion entails. When minds and hearts are changed, babies’ lives are saved.

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