Big News! A Publishing Contract for My Book!

I’ve signed a contract with Morgan James Publishing for Restoring the Shattered (working title).
Restoring the Shattered discusses my experiences in poverty as a single mother and how Christians helped me and my children climb out of need. Our journey shows the power Christians manifest when they live out the Gospel for the sake of others.
Our family’s story illustrates common problems in our society, broken families and split communities, problems that reflect a splintered Church–whose fracturing means social problems will fall to government. And government does not hold the solution to society’s ills. So they grow worse.
But a Church acting in accord can provide solutions and can effectively lift people out of need into independence. That can happen if Christians will acknowledge that true believers come in all shapes and sizes–in more denominations than we might like to admit.
Restoring the Shattered considers the basis behind our differences–various doctrines, common misunderstandings, and the causes of the Reformation and other schisms. The original schism resulted from a misinterpretation of languages between East and West. Misunderstanding our faith languages feeds separation today.
The book is not a call to discard our differences and become a melded Christianity devoid of doctrinal distinctions. It is a call to respect each other and work beside each other to obey Christ’s call for accord, in love for Him, for our Christian siblings, and for those outside the family of faith. Christian accord is obedience to Christ’s prayer in John 17 that we be one.
I’m finishing a round of editing before sending the manuscript to my editor. One leg of this journey will end as a new one begins. I’ll keep you updated.
I had just about given up hope that my dream of publishing this book might actually happen. God often intervenes just when we meet despair. He is the maker of dreams.
And He alone is due the glory and praise.

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