GBT Minus the L–Pushing Back Against the “Cult of Transgender”

There seems to be little room for disagreement regarding LGBT issues. One agrees with the cause or one is a bigot. Yet within the LGBT movement itself, an argument has actually been ongoing for decades–showing a small, but significant crack in LGBT solidarity.

Last week, eight lesbians demanded to lead the Pride parade in London to protest what they consider a trans invasion of their cause. After blocking the beginning of the parade with their bodies, organizers relented. The women endured the jeers of the crowd along the way but remained steadfast. To advance the trans movement, they say, is anti-lesbian and anti-woman.

They explain:

The addition of T to the LGBT has resulted in Lesbians being silenced and threatened, all women and girls to be at risk for our safety, and our interests to take a backseat to those of transgenderist males who co-opt our name and culture.”

They’re making a similar argument that many conservatives and Christians have made: “T [transgender] demands for access to women’s safe spaces puts ALL women and girls at risk since there is no objective way of assessing who is ‘genuinely transgender’ or not.”

Read the Get the L Out views here.

The rest of the LGBT community has pounced on this perceived betrayal by those who dare to step outside the accepted orthodoxy and pull the movement off message.

The controversy is a crack in the rails of a locomotive that has rolled through cities and nations appearing unstoppable. But, again, the crack has been there for some time.

Michelle Goldberg explained the seeds of the controversy four years ago:

In this [the trans] view, gender is less an identity than a caste position. Anyone born a man retains male privilege in society; even if he chooses to live as a woman—and accept a correspondingly subordinate social position—the fact that he has a choice means that he can never understand what being a woman is really like. By extension, when trans women demand to be accepted as women they are simply exercising another form of male entitlement.”

One woman who says she is a feminist, not a lesbian and not a conservative or Christian,  agrees that the trans movement is a “male sexual rights movement.

“It’s already happening in the states, it’s already happening in Canada, and despite self ID not being law in the UK, it’s already happening here [in the UK], we have male rapists in female prisons, men taking jobs and places from women, men taking women’s sporting prizes, and men going into schools and teaching this balderdash to kids, and everyone is too afraid to tell them ‘no’.”

Not everyone. Even from within the ranks of the Trans community comes this from Jay–a transman (woman who identifies as a man) who’s been tormented by others for refusing to use hormones or have surgery:

“If you want to know how bad the Cult of Transgender has become, look up ‘truscum’ and ‘tucute’ on the internet and particularly on websites like Tumblr which is popular for teenagers. The transgender kids who identify as “truscum” regularly harass and bully people they see as ‘tucute’. Tucute is a derogatory term that these kids use against anyone they think is a fake transgender or ‘transtrender’. They bully people to the point of suicide.”

This message comes from the ranks of the LGBT community and from the ranks of those who support gay rights. These are people who know from experience, not simply principle. They are a voice of reason from a perspective that is neither conservative nor Christian. We are not alone.

They know, as we do, that there is a bridge too far. Can voices of reason prevail? Or will the locomotive run right over reason?

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30 Replies to “GBT Minus the L–Pushing Back Against the “Cult of Transgender””

  1. This is so tragic! At some point this should simply be about being human. When men start taking over women’s sporting events in the name of “progress” something has gone wrong. I’m not saying I know how to “fix” any of this, it just hurts my heart to watch it all unfold.

  2. As a believer with a non-believing family member who “identifies” as something within the realm of LGBT ( I truthfully don’t know which acronym as they tend to confuse me due to a lack of understanding the finer points on my part), I see much of it as power plays. Who gets to lead? Who gets a choice? “My choice is more valuable than your choice” It’s all so confusing and much like a house of cards. The only thing I know to do is to pray for my family member and others. I see so much pain and confusion there. My heart hurts because I believe most people truly want to be loved and understood, yet are being distorted by current societal “norms”.

    1. Thank you for that great insight, Alynda. You are in the midst of the discussion. Prayer–absolutely! And you’re right: it’s more about power than anything else. God bless!

  3. I agree with Heather’s thoughts. We should simply be concerned with being human. Everyone has a purpose and a place in life.

  4. Your post is one to ponder. I’m not surprised by the mess LGBT is experiencing. It seems that even they are not unified. I like the truth you point out: “This message comes from the ranks of the LGBT community and from the ranks of those who support gay rights. These are people who know from experience, not simply principle. They are a voice of reason from a perspective that is neither conservative nor Christian. We are not alone.” Sin of every kind ends up hurting everyone involved. I also do not have the answers to this problem, the only thing I do know to do is to pray for those captured in this mess and treat them with grace and truth. Great post and new information I did not know.

  5. I had not heard that this was a point of conflict among the LGBT community. Something to ponder.

  6. Valuable message. Although the LGBT community has been a minority of the population, they have taken over the conversation, often, in my professional sexuality list serves. Anyone questioning their perspective is quickly criticized, even bullied into silence.
    So I feel great respect for those who are taking a stand and stating it as they see it, male control.
    Thank you for sharing this important information about what is happening beneath the surface among these groups.

  7. Hi Nancy!

    This is a complicated topic; I like what Alynda said in the comment to your post about her heart being hurt because she believes most people truly want to be loved and understood, yet are being distorted by current societal “norms”. That’s a perspective I can relate to in regards to this topic.

    Edna Davidsen

  8. I didn’t know this was an issue for that community, but it makes sense that it would be for those concerned with what it means to be a woman and for the potential that it will be abused (even more). One sad point my husband made once is that the transgender movement completely belittles what it means to be a man or a woman. People are now basing gender off of fleeting feelings. BUT it helps me to remember that there is no new sin under the sun. God has seen it all, and nothing surprises Him. Praise Him that He is always in control, even when things seem to be spiraling out of control from our view.

  9. Thanks for providing a message I needed to hear, Emily, although regarding a different context. Your husband is right. It’s important to cultivate wonder about how God made us and who we are. Thanks again and God bless!

  10. I meant to comment on this when I read it several days ago but time got away from me. This is so interesting to me, yet I find it unsurprising at the same time. It reminded me of 2 Chronicles 2:22-23. I’m glad you commented on my blog and jogged my memory!

    1. I’m guessing you mean chapters 22 and 23. And yes, that passage is quite pertinent. In the end, the temple of Baal comes down. So let it be that hearts would be pure before God. Thanks for commenting–any time you get the chance. God bless!

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