Silent No More–Healing after Abortion

It’s not the unforgivable sin. And there is healing of spirit and soul.

That’s the message of Silent No More–a global ministry of women and men–parents and extended family–speaking up about the experience of having aborted their children–in order to discourage others from taking the same path.

Today, there is early chemical abortion (which can be reversed mid-process), surgical dismemberment of the unborn, late-term abortion, the euphemistic “reduction”–which is the selective killing of a twin, triplet, etc.

The reasons are plentiful ranging from inconvenience to financial distress to rape to fetal abnormality.

The regrets, however, are the same: I’m sorry I killed my child.

Healing comes, as it does with any sin or source of shame, with speaking up. Saying it out loud as one mother notes:

After sharing with others that I regret my abortion, I have been freed to live life the way God had intended, in the light and free from guilt and shame. I have genuine relationships now, no longer based on the false pretense of a hidden secret. ”

Choice is the mantra of the abortion movement and purveyors of abortion. Fear and shame are most often the motivation for those seeking abortion. Relief is sometimes the initial reaction. But regret settles in as time passes and often leads to a form of PTSD–which even those who support abortion rights acknowledge.

If you’ve been there as someone who had an abortion or encouraged someone else to it, you may know that distress. But there is hope. There is forgiveness. There is even joy ahead for you.

You need only be silent no more.

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24 Replies to “Silent No More–Healing after Abortion”

  1. There is great freedom in bringing secrets to light. They can’t malign and separate us if we don’t let them grow and fester. My husband and I found out our last baby (four years ago) had no heartbeat and I was afraid of a natural miscarriage, so I had a D&C. I told myself the baby was already gone, but I’ve carried some emotional pain from that experience. Fearing I hadn’t fully trusted the Lord’s timing in our lives. It brings back a distance, buried secret of seeking an abortion when I was a young woman. At the time, I couldn’t see an alternative at all. Now I know differently. I was ready to have the abortion, but I miscarried the pregnancy before the procedure was scheduled. I often think of that child and how old he or she may be. Thank you for going into the dark corners and helping us see God’s goodness and light even in the most painful portions of our lives.

  2. I am so thankful there are resources available to help those impacted by abortion. I pray for more organizations to reach out to those in need. Thanks for sharing

  3. Abortion is such a huge part of pregnancy in today’s society, unfortunately. We hear so little from those who have had abortions outside of the fact that they did. I would love for females to hear some of the emotional side effects or even medical side effects.

    1. Yes, Brittany, it would be so great if everyone knew exactly what they were getting into before they got into it. So I hope Silent No More speaks very loudly. Thanks and God bless!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this organization. Abortion sadly plays a large role in today’s culture, and I’m glad there are resources like this available to help heal those who have felt the weight of their regrets. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dear Nancy!

    I not familiar with the idea behind ‘Silent No More’ nevertheless I agree with the idea that it’s often the key to solving problems to speak openly about them.

    Edna Davidsen

    1. Thank you, Edna. We too often seem much more interested in covering up our issues. Instead, we can let them lose control over us as they die in the light of day. God bless!

  6. I’ve seen this point lived out:

    “Relief is sometimes the initial reaction. But regret settles in as time passes and often leads to a form of PTSD”

    Thank you for sharing this resource. I pray this post finds its way to hurting hearts.

  7. I know of a woman who is suffering greatly because of her abortion. She finally opened up about it as I counseled her. Yet, her lack of forgiveness for herself is holding her back from healing. I imagine she is suffering PTSD from it. From trying to kill herself via a bottle of pills to slowly starving herself till she wastes away. It’s heartbreaking to see her suffer so badly. I have shared that Jesus forgives and restores, but she is the one who needs to forgive and allow him to restore. Great post! I will check out this ministry “Silent No More” for her. Thank you for sharing this info!

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