The Circle of Us

We start by understanding that there is Truth.

We see our sin and realize God is our only hope.

We encounter him and find joy.

We find a small circle of others like us and settle into comfort.

We feel good about us.


We forget our sin and unworthiness;

We forget God wants us to wash feet,

Carry a cross,

Follow in his steps.

We feel good about us.


We see others’ sins, but not their wounds, their needs.

We look hard at their sins;

We forget our own.

Our little circle is snug.

We feel good about us.


Excerpted from Restoring the Shattered, Coming to Amazon in October

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22 Replies to “The Circle of Us”

  1. Beautiful words. So true about how we are in life. I love the phrase “we see others’ sins but not their wounds, their needs.” I prayer for eyes to see the needs around me. God bless.

  2. From reading this excerpt, I am very interested in the book. Only about 2 months until release! It’s so unfortunately true that we tend to get comfortable and “look hard at their sins. We forget our own.” Thank you for this hard but necessary word.

  3. Ugh. Yes, we do. In spite of our decisions not to, we slide into this comfort spot repeatedly. Thank you for the beautiful, stark, and poetic reminder. You are a poet-prophet.

  4. Volunteering in our community this week has reminded us of the need to show God’s love to others. Lots of families were given clothing , school supplies, books and Bibles this week. We need to embrace His children without judging. Great message.

    1. Great job, Melissa! We can discern and love without being judgmental. That lets others see Christ. And there but for His grace, go we. Thanks and God bless!

  5. Deep meaning and truth here. And that circle is very circular; we start right back at the beginning all the time. We definitely need God to permeate all the areas of our life to help us see our great need of His forgiveness of our sins and to help us forgive others as well since we ourselves have been forgiven of so much.

    1. Yes, Paul. When we focus on the sins of others, we forget our own and the depth of the forgiveness we’ve received.

      Thanks and God bless!

  6. See others wounds and needs…what beautiful words. I love how Christ looks at me and sees my wounds and needs and reaches down to help me. He helps me at my very core.

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