Welcome Fall

It’s finally come. The crisp cool air. We’ve had only our second wood stove fire. Warming our house instead of trying to cool it down.

The sun rises and sets earlier. I find that comforting. It draws me home to comfort and good foods. To hot tea and a peaceful solitude that feeds my spirit.

But this is also the time many family traditions kick in.

This week, my preparations continue for trick-or-treat night proceed in earnest. I plan to purchase several bags of locally made candy. 

For years, I’d forgotten that we have a candy factory right here. And buying candy there supports local jobs.

But I’ve already bought some candy from the grocery store this year. Just a couple of bags. Just for the grandkids. I found glow-in-the-dark packaging wrapped around chocolate. That’s perfect for the new tradition begun last year–the trick-or-treat scavenger hunt–conducted in the dark hallways of my house.

Last year, it was glowing paint on wiry spiders that I found on clearance. This year, the grandchildren can go hunting for treats.

Welcome fall. Welcome to this time for traditions and memories. And for new ways to make new traditions, new memories. What are some of yours?

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26 Replies to “Welcome Fall”

  1. Dear Nancy!

    We’re also experience the fall here in Greenland, now.

    I also love this time of the year. The is the time of the year where the first snow can be expected; I love that 🙂

    Edna Davidsen

    1. I’m so excited to have a granddaughter and great-granddaughter who will experience snow this year. The first will be a year old soon and the second a few months younger. I remember the looks on the faces of my own small babes. I loved looking out the winder and saying, “SNOW!”

      Ahhhh, yes, Edna! Love it! Thanks and God bless!

  2. Fall, my favorite time of year. Today was a beautiful, crisp morning here in Oklahoma and I totally loved it.

    1. So glad to know, Yvonne, that it’s finally getting cooler in the South too. We had August–until we had November–and it’s still October. But I love it too. Crisp air and all that it brings. Thanks and God bless!

  3. I love family traditions and learning new ones from other families. While it does not feel very Fall-ish in my part of the country, this time of year we have made a tradition of going to the high school Ag Barn Fall open house and playing with the baby goats.

  4. Fall is my favorite season – especially in my new home. For most of my life, I lived in Maui so pretty much summer year-round. But now I’m living in Oregon in an area tucked into the corner of a national forest. I’m loving the cool temps, sweaters, wood burning in the fireplace and afternoon hikes. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the season!

  5. What a lovely way of describing the goings-on for Hallowe’en. I must admit, I enjoy this time of year with the crisp mornings, but it’s a little sad to know that summer has behind us. I enjoyed the read. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Barb. I miss the lack of structure in summer. But by summer’s end, I find myself yearning to teach again. Thanks for reading and commenting! God bless!

  6. Fall is my favourite season of the year. I imagine it is partly due to the beautiful fall colours and how Creation glorifies God. Perhaps it is because of the air is crisp and fresh. But I also think it has to do with treasuring each day because I know winter is around the corner. Thanks for your post.

    1. I love fall too and for the same reasons you mention. And winter is around the corner. I love the lead up to winter–all through the holidays and to my birthday in January. But winter gets hard and long. And Lent comes. The days seem gray. But there’s also nothing like a wonderful snowfall where all seems clean and bright and there’s a built-in day of rest–aside from shoveling. Thanks and God bless!

  7. Hello Nancy – while I do welcome the change in seasons, our log burner will soon be in use and walks through the woods nearby will be so colourfall – and love the idea of making traditional dates and events a meanigful and fun time for family and friends – I have always been troubled by the association of trick or treating / halloween with “the dark side of life” horror / fear / evil – your thoughts?

    1. I trick-or-treated when I was a kid. And when I had my own kids, I wanted them to enjoy the wonder of using their imaginations. I downplayed the dark side–but encouraged them to ponder it when they learned about it in youth group and Sunday school. I wanted them to still enjoy that aspect of imagination but be aware of how some abuse the day and turn it toward evil.

      My father’s birthday was November 1–All Saints’ Day–the day after All Hallows Eve–which I hope began in fun.

      My take is that Halloween to children is what their parents make of it. And for me now, it’s a chance to encourage that same wonder in the next generations and continue my connections to neighborhood children whom I see less in the colder months.

      Thanks and God bless!

    1. Sounds fabulous, Chloe. I have a special pumpkin muffin recipe that I add chocolate chips to. It’s a family favorite for a couple birthdays. The icing on top is orange too! And a heavenly aroma, taste, and texture. Amazing! Thanks and God bless!

  8. I love how fall brings the colors of the leaves, but also cold rainy days that make me want to snuggle down in blankets with a cup of hot chocolate. It seems so fitting after so many days of hot sunshine and sweating!

  9. We do not have the cool weather around here yet. But I do have costumes for the kids, some DIY projects ready to complete around the house, and pumpkins everywhere.

    1. I’m ready for the kids. But my big DIY projects are making Christmas dresses for the grandgirls. A couple pumpkins around though! Thanks for commenting, Brittany. God bless!

  10. I fondly remember Mother dressing my two siblings and me as angels and then setting us loose on the neighborhood with pillowcases. It was one amazing year.

    1. When I was young, my brother and I made some memories. One year, it was blowing snow sideways and it seemed that we two were the only ones brave (or greedy) enough to rough it. Then we’d trade candy over the next few days. Great memories. Thanks for commenting, Roos, and God bless!

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