Championing the Unborn Even When It’s Hard

“Eleven jack-booted thugs” raided his house to retrieve the evidence. They thought he was a criminal. But the evidence implicated someone else.

Many someone else’s, actually. They are the someones at Planned Parenthood whom he caught negotiating the sale of the body parts of unborn children.

He calls himself a citizen-journalist. He is David Daleiden, and he spoke at the 2019 March for Life Conference in Washington, DC, last week.

“The body parts [of unborn children], he says are valuable to sell because they are just like ours,” he says, proving the humanity of the unborn because they are just like us.

The videos reveal that Planned Parenthood has violated the law by selling the body parts, performing partial-birth abortions in order to obtain them, and ignoring the Born Alive Act requiring that viable unborn children born alive as a result of abortion receive immediate medical attention.

(Reader discretion advised as you proceed.)

Planned Parenthood claims that they only receive reimbursement for processing, and shipping and handling costs. But Daleiden has recovered a copy of an invoice showing a double charge–per body part–for two fetal eyeballs shipped in the same package.

Daleiden refers to Planned Parenthood’s abortion business as “state-funded, industrial scale abortion.”

The word industrial implies a for-profit venture on a mass scale. Medicine (like education and law) was once a profession–an art practiced with the idea that the main advantage would come to the recipient of a service–not to the practitioner. The patient was someone to assist back to better health–not someone to exploit for profit.

Criminal charges against Daleiden have been dropped, but Planned Parenthood’s civil suit against him remains. He would appreciate your prayers.

There is a wonderful irony in the story of David Daleiden. He describes himself as “the product of a crisis pregnancy situation.” He grew up with the idea that sometimes children are conceived in less than ideal circumstances, but that “now is always a good time to welcome a new little person into the world.”

Now is a wonderful time to welcome the new little people that Planned Parenthood is horrifically exploiting for profit.

David Daleiden could have been among them. He is one Planned Parenthood missed.

And our world is better because of that.


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34 Replies to “Championing the Unborn Even When It’s Hard”

  1. This entire industry is horrific from front to back. Child sacrifice to our own fears, insecurities, comforts, and plans. It’s heartbreaking. May the Lord bring repentance. May he have mercy on us, for we know not what we do.

    1. It is so true that some involved do not know what they’re doing–mostly the mothers who are afraid or coerced. Just horrible. Thank you, Melinda, and God bless!

  2. My parents heard someone give a talk who used to be one of the higher-ups at Planned Parenthood. She revealed just how awful everything there is, despite what they tell the media and everyone else. It was sickening to hear what they do and how they justify what they do. My prayer is more people like that woman will quit their jobs at places like that and begin to spread awareness about the inhumanness of it all.

  3. Praying for David. And this is an eyeopener as well as sickening and grieves my soul. Praying for life and welcoming EVERY “new little person into the world.”

  4. Thank you for your passionate post on the unborn children and David’s testimony. I will be praying. When I first read the work of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, I realized how much this was an effort at eradicating the poor, the immigrant and the disabled, so that she could help establish a society of people who fit her idea of perfection. Sadly, many people don’t realize this. Thank you for covering this important update.

  5. Nancy, I so appreciate your passion for this. It’s heartbreaking to read and hear what happens to unborn children during an abortion. Thanks for sharing this information here.

  6. LOVE this! I was adopted when I was just 6 weeks old in 1975. My mother had an affair on her husband and thats where I came into the picture. It was the mid-70’s and abortion was rampant, and I am sure it was very hard for her to make the decision to carry me to tern, give birth to me and then give me up. To not choose an abortion meant her husband would find out, so I am sure there were consequences for her but she did it anyway. God definitely had a plan for me and for her too, even though I have never known her. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Wow, Paul! What an amazing story. I have an adopted granddaughter I love with all my heart–just as I love the other nine and one great-. Thanks for commenting with your wonderful journey. God bless!

  7. Sadly, since you posted this, New York has just approved a law that allows abortion up to the last minute, full-term. I am thinking it’s justified in their minds because of maternal health issues, or a baby that is supposedly going to die regardless due to health problems. But this law opens a ‘Pandora’s Box’ because the legislation allows abortion up to the last minute no matter what the conditions are—that is horrific! In this case, I pray God does judge them soon, but God is patient, and He waits for us to repent. Let’s pray they do!

    1. I know someone whose baby was surely going to die. Then she would never walk or talk. Her parents refused abortion. She went to her first prom last spring. She is perfectly fine.

      Yet, if she were not. She still deserves life.

      Shame on New York. And God help America.

      Thanks, Lisa, and God bless!

  8. It is so heartbreaking to hear about abortion and how God’s little children are exploited. I’m thankful for those willing to expose those who abuse and murder children. Children are precious in God’s sight and I cannot imagine killing them. It’s a modern day child sacrifice like back in the day when the Israelites worshiped Baal and Ashtoreth. Very revealing post!

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