Abortion, Child Abuse, Poverty, and the Lies that Perpetuate Them

“The great conflicts in American history, especially slavery, civil rights, and abortion, have been unusually hard-fought and passionate because they cannot be understood as symbolic fights over different worldviews or cultures. Instead, they are better understood as clashes over how common liberal values should be extended to different categories of humans. These conflicts have been disagreements over who counts as a human person.” (Jon Shields)

It was supposed to fix it all–women dying from illegal abortions, child abuse, poverty. Abortion would end dangerous, back alley procedures that killed desperate girls and women. Child abuse would end. Lessening the burden from “unwanted children” would enhance the economic stability of the poor.

Compassionate helpers would be the heroes of abortion “rights”. That’s what they told us in the 1960s and ’70s and into the ’80s. Perhaps some were misguided. We can see now that others were intentionally deceiving us.

Former atheist and “abortion doctor” Bernard Nathanson revealed the concoctions after his conversions–first to a pro-life perspective, then to a Christian one. A leading proponent of ‘legal and safe’ abortion became a vocal proponent for life–and a voice of truth.

“Repeating the big lie often enough convinces the public. The number of women dying from illegal abortions was around 200 – 250 annually [before 1973]. The figure constantly fed to the media was 10,000. These false figures took root in the consciousness of Americans convincing many that we needed to crack the abortion law.”

Cracking the abortion law caused, Nathanson said, “the annual number of abortions . . . [to increase] by 1500% since legalization.”

The reporting of abortion complications in 24 states is voluntary, so the numbers we have are guesses.  Even so, the CDC acknowledges that four-hundred and thirty-seven women have died in America of legal abortion between 1972 and 2014. Legal and safe was not safe for them.

America bought the lie. And much of what abortion was supposed to fix got much worse.

I remember the slogan: “Every child should be a wanted child.” The irony is that the rates of child abuse and abortion parallel each other. When abortion rates rise, so do those of child abuse.

Some may argue that better reporting has led to greater transparency of abuse that was going unreported before. But the rates of abuse simply do not translate into abortion access reducing child abuse. Child abuse was a problem before liberal abortion laws; today it is a bigger problem. America bought the lie that abortion would reduce, even eliminate, child abuse.

And poverty. Abortion would keep women out of poverty by ensuring that an unplanned child did not interrupt a mother’s education or require her to leave her job.
Rachel MacNair sites Thomas J. Strahan’s assertion that abortion can exacerbate poverty. “Experience suggests abortion may instead actually be a contributing factor. Through an increase in broken relationships, psychological difficulties, and substance abuse, a practice which is done exclusively on women may put them at greater economic disadvantage.”

And as compassionate as abortionists might like to present themselves, nobody does abortions for free.

An abortion website lists the prices for a medication abortion (abortion by pill rather than surgical procedure) at between $400 to over $790. Costs of surgical abortions begin lower($350) and increase with the age of the unborn child (to more than $3,000). I ‘m at a loss to understand how a pill (a set of four pills) can be, at any point, higher in cost than that of a surgical procedure.

ike the purveyors of illegal abortion, those who engage in the legal practice of ending a pregnancy through the death of a child conduct their business on a cash upfront basis.

Abortion “providers” were supposed to care deeply about women. But those who perform abortions do not provide. They sell. They earn. They prosper.

They are also potential Bernard Nathansons. As he turned from lies to truth, so can they. Robert P. George credits Nathanson’s transformation to the “luminous power of truth.” Truth changed Bernard Nathanson.

Forty-six years ago last month, seven robed justices afflicted America with the lie of free and easy abortion. We have not been the same since. Sometimes, we feel hopeless.

But our hope is always in truth. And there is power in that.

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Adapted from a post from January 2016.

32 Replies to “Abortion, Child Abuse, Poverty, and the Lies that Perpetuate Them”

  1. This is such a vile subject. Completely offensive. I applaud your courage to broach it! Over the past few days I was appalled to see a person that named the Name of Christ saying they wanted nothing to do with anything remotely controversial. I’m not sure where we have ever gotten the notion to zip our lips and keep quiet when it comes to wrong doing. What an anemic church we would be! May God have mercy. Judgment is afoot.

    1. It is difficult to look at the life of Jesus and imagine Him as a non-controversial person. We are not to pursue controversy for its own sake, but for Christ’s and for the sake of truth. Thank you, Jessica, and God bless!

  2. Thank you for reminding us of this. I think there are women who struggle because maybe they made this decision when they were young. I know in counselling the questions l ask is what is the hope we can bring to change this situation.

  3. This is SO important. Thank you, Nancy. Your writings are making me want to step up and speak out more about this!

  4. Thanks for this one! Sadly, we (Christians) have been too quiet for too long. I am astounded when someone tells me they are for abortion if it is “legal, safe, and rare.” When is abortion ever safe for the baby? What are we thinking? I praise God that the Truth is His and thank you for pointing us to it.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I was the product of an affair that my birth mother had in the mid 70’s, and in reality, abortion would have been the easy choice for her, but she made the (I’m sure hard) decision to keep me, so this sooic is especially personal to me. All people (and yes, an embryo/fetus/etc is a person) have the right to live their life without somebody else ending it prematurely. I HOPE people rise up against these unbelievable new laws out east and that it ultimately leads to the banning of ALL abortions.

  6. I didn’t realize how many adult deaths were a result of abortion. It’s so sad that women believe they have no other option when they don’t even realize what else is out there or the damage they could do to their own bodies, let alone the death of a human.

    1. We are indeed a deceived culture. And how many women are pressured and coerced into taking the lives of their unborn children? Some parents and husbands/boyfriends exert pressure to remove a woman’s choice. Very sad. Thanks and God bless!

  7. Such a hard topic to write about; you bring much to the table to pray over. Abuse of children comes in many forms, and abortion is one of them. Makes my heart so sad. Children are precious in God’s sight and deserve a life of love, honor, and care regardless of a mother’s circumstance. I could go on, but there is a way for a woman to not get pregnant at all. It’s sad that abstinence from sex is not heeded more often. Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention!

    1. Abstinence is important, and we need to keep singing the song of sexual purity to all. Yet it’s interesting that 80 percent of women who become pregnant from rape choose to give birth. These women could not choose to abstain. They chose life to bring good from something bad. Thanks so much, Marcie, for reading and commenting. God bless!

  8. I’m so glad to see people continuing to talk about this important issue. I’m so excited to see the Roe v. Wade movie that’s coming out that will hopefully shine even more light on the lies and deception that pushed through the decision.

    1. Yes, Susan. That movie and Unplanned–about Abby Johnson’s transition from Planned Parenthood director to pro-life advocate. May these movies change the hearts and minds of many! Thanks and God bless!

  9. Critical relevant topic. Thank you for tying so many pieces together to show the truth. I was born in 1967, and though I have a great relationship with my birth mama – I know she would have aborted me had it been legal. I was adopted into an abusive home and put out when I was 13. I say all of that to say that despite the trauma of my childhood, I’m grateful God allowed me to live: that is a basic fundamental right. I’ve spent most of my life helping women in crisis and empowering women in the workplace – I’ve never met a woman who, regardless of her beliefs, felt empowered by abortion. I pray God would move us all beyond outrage to action. I pray He would help us be advocates of life and voices for the powerless. Thank you for your post!

  10. My heart breaks for the current battle going on with abortions currently. The long term effects of decisions will impact these women for the rest of their lives. I pray God guides us to better help women to make other decisions.

  11. Hi Nancy. Thank you for being a beacon for truth in your posts. Passion has a way of altering numbers to match agendas. We’ve been discussinging in or small group that much of this evil is demon-influenced, to put it mildly. So we respond and pray accordingly.

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