Death for Profit

Planned Parenthood’s yearly report is out. And it provides a clear picture of an organization supposedly out to help women.

Even while the abortion rate in the US has been dropping (except in New York), numbers are up, as are profits for Planned Parenthood. PP performed 332,757 abortions last year–an increase of 11,000 more children lost over the previous year.

Technically a non-profit, America’s largest abortion “provider” claims a $250 million SURPLUS. That’s a quarter of a BILLION dollars in excess of their expenses–salaries, utilities, rents. Yet it’s not enough.

But PP does so many good things, some say. Only now they are doing fewer good things. Services other than abortion are down–by 11.5 percent. “Other services” would include cancer screenings (a 70 percent drop in PAP tests) and breast exams (down by 64 percent). Other services might also have included mammograms, but PP has never invested in mammogram equipment.

Adoptions? The ratio of abortion to adoption referrals is 148 to one over the last ten years. There just isn’t any money for PP in adoption.

Congress tried and failed last year to defund the abortion giant. So it’s hard to figure out how taxpayer funds increased to PP–by $20 million to a record $563 million to top off a 55 percent increase over the last 10 years. Apparently, it was a bipartisan deal of death.

Death for babies and wounds for their mothers.

Sadly, the Senate also recently failed to pass the Born Alive bill authored by Sen. Ben Sasse and sponsored by every Republican senator. Even Pennsylvania’s own Democratic Senator Robert Casey–a supporter of PP–voted yes. The bill would have required that any infant who survives abortion receive the same medical care any wanted child would get.

Basic medical care denied for the crime of being unwanted.

One bright bit of news is that the Trump Administration has unilaterally defunded organizations that perform abortions, including PP. Under a new rule, family planning funds will only be available to entities “physically and financially” separated from abortion facilities.

The bad news is that the next president can choose to change the rule to provide those funds. That rule will shift with the winds of change in presidents, back and forth, like the Mexico City policy, which came to be during the Reagan Administration and “prohibits U.S. funding of foreign nongovernmental organizations that perform or promote abortion.”

We know more about unborn life than we ever have. We know that each child is unique, alive, and growing from conception.

That should be enough to protect them in the womb–to get them medical care outside the womb.

That should be enough.

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34 Replies to “Death for Profit”

  1. Praying that people will remember these are BABIES (not cells, not abstractions) we are talking about here. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I was surprised that Trump has defunded PP. I have not read much about that. With the financial numbers you report here, defunding is kind of a non-issue. PP will still make plenty of money. It grieves me that we do not fight harder for it to be called what it is, murder according to the Law of God.

  3. How heart-wrenching. My prayer is that God will work in hard hearts to make them soft toward the life He creates. Thanks for sharing and creating awareness about these things.

  4. Sad – when I was a teenager, I went with my friend who was pregnant to PP (in the 80’s) and not only did they never discuss or offer adoption as an option, they give her a card for an abortion clinic and told her to get rid of it while it was still a cluster of cells. They told her it was not a baby. PP works for a satanic agenda – to kill, steal and destroy.

  5. Sad to hear of these numbers, Nancy. Satanic/demonic influences are definitely at work and blindness to truth surely maintains a bridle. Prayers for everybody involved, from administrations to care workers to mothers, and especially to the babies.

  6. Your heart for the saving the babies from such a horrible death is impressive and I pray for your words to reach many ear. May God use you to make a difference.

  7. Abortion breaks me. I cannot fathom why anyone would kill a child. I understand the challenges but what seems to go unnoticed is the challenges mothers face today have nothing to do with the child, they have to do with choices they or others could have avoided long before they were pregnant.

    No one owns their own lack of self-control. They do what they want and the child pays. It’s heartbreaking. The mothers who are forced to have abortions are hurting and suffering, some forever.

    You write, “Basic medical care denied for the crime of being unwanted,” sums up the heart of the matter.

    I’m so thankful you are speaking out about this, Nancy! So many need to read it and wake up to the truth of this matter – abortion is killing babies, killing human lives, who are innocent and helpless, all of them are at the mercy of those who call themselves “healers.”

  8. Nancy, the research, facts, and numbers you’ve given are sickening and troubling to my soul. It’s just mind blowing to me that this mindset on abortion and how PP is funded is so widely accepted and even praised.

    Not sure if I shared this with you before, but another writer friend did a recent blog post on abortion and he quoted Ronald Reagan.

    “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

  9. Dear Nancy, oh my heart is breaking over all of this. Thank you for continuing to raise our awareness of what is really happening with this issue. Oh Lord, please send your Spirit of Truth to open eyes and soften hearts!

  10. The lessons of human history teach us that when merely being human is not enough to merit humane treatment and the right to life, then anyone is fair game on the hit list. If we follow in the path of Nazi Germany, we’ll move on past abortion in the death march. Next it will be babies and children born with “handicaps” and then our senior citizens and the terminally ill. Any unfavored group will follow. It’s a slippery slope when our humanity isn’t enough to merit medical care. The pro-life groups of 1973 when abortion was legalized all warned us that we’d arrive at this day. No one believed them. Now, here we are. Thank you for your bold voice!

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