Saving the Holy Innocents

“If a woman sees her baby on an ultrasound, there’s better than an 80 percent chance she will not abort her baby. If the dad sees the baby on an ultrasound, there’s more than a 90 percent she will not abort her baby.” Anthony Levatino, former abortion doctor~

The 40 Days for Life are over. God answers the prayers of His people. More than 15,000 babies are alive today because of that effort.

Now it’s Holy Week.

Christ entered the city to shouts of joy. But He knew what was ahead. A bigger agony than any other has ever known–physical anguish–plus the turning away of His Father. The sacrificial Lamb on the cross was alone for the first time in forever.

This was Christ who’d said, “Let the little children come unto me.”

But then Resurrection Day. And then Pentecost–the bestowing of God’s Holy Spirit.

And so came the Church.

We are His messengers. We carry the message of life. Physical life for the weak and voiceless. Abundant life for our spirits.

And we carry joy in our message, the joy of knowing such a Savior.

We carry the hope of light into a dark world.

Happy Easter! God bless!

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26 Replies to “Saving the Holy Innocents”

  1. Oh Nancy, your words captured my heart! How our precious Savior and Lord suffered for us. The same one who loved the little children and called them to Himself. May we shine His light and love this Easter and always! Blessings to you!

  2. Nancy, those opening statistics are good to know. It makes sense once a parent sees the baby…alive…on the ultrasound, they don’t abort. Thankful for the babies saved during the 40 Days of Life.

    And grateful for Holy week and what Jesus accomplished for us in death and resurrection to give us life. Happy Easter!

  3. Praise God for all those children and families spared. We can celebrate their new life when we celebrate new life in Christ because of His resurrection. Whata glorious Easter this can be for those families. Thank you for sharing, Nancy.

  4. Nancy, thank you for this!!! You are right: “We carry the message of life—physical life for the weak and voiceless.” Amen.

  5. We have this beautiful Savior, and to him we can pray that he’ll open the eyes of more expectant mothers and fathers to see the little life in the sonogram. Lord, please bring more men to those first appointments. Move their hearts to come.

  6. Amen! I love the challenge and role we play, “We are His messengers. We carry the message of life. Physical life for the weak and voiceless.” Thank you, Nancy, for being this messenger for the many babies who do not have a voice.

  7. Thankful for Jesus, his sacrifice and resurrection, and being the light in the dark world. And we who follow, are called to be that light and radiate hope and truth and love into the darkness.

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