No, I won’t stay down

Earlier this week, Anne Susan DiPrizio was arrested in the Alabama House of Representatives for spraying the glass separating visitors from legislators with green paint and repeatedly yelling, “Dumb, dumb, dumb.” She “swung and threw paint on” security guards as they were arresting her.

DiPrizio was protesting the Alabama House’s passage of a bill that would ban almost all abortions in the state.

New York and other states are passing laws expanding abortion and refusing to protect children who survive abortion and are born alive.

Some states are going out of their way to make sure that the smallest abortion victims do not live to speak up later on. Others, like Alabama, are doing everything possible to protect the unborn.

America is gearing up for a showdown on Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton the 1973 Supreme Court decisions that eradicated every abortion law in all 50 states.

Forty-six years later, it’s an issue that just won’t go away.

Every year since 1974, the March for Life has brought hundreds of thousands of protesters to Washington, DC, to mark the anniversary of Roe and Doe.

America has seen attacks on abortion facilities. “Fanatics resort to violence on both extremes of the pro-choice/pro-life spectrum,” writes Feminist for Life Serrin M. Foster (emphasis Foster’s).

More recently, it was in San Francisco during the 40 Days for Life–before Easter this year–when a young attacker assaulted an 85-year-old pro-life man praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

The attacker knocked “Ron” down and said, “Stay down, old man–Stay on the ground–unless you want to get hurt.”

While on the ground, Ron wouldn’t let go of the pro-life banner the attacker was trying to steal. So the attacker kicked him several times. But Ron came back the next day. He had committed to a certain number of hours–and he came back to fulfill that commitment.

In response to the attack, he said, “No, I won’t stay down.”

So Ron returned to his post where he stood and prayed quietly. The 40 Days for Life philosophy asks participants to always respond “with love and charity”–no matter what they see, hear, or experience.

Forty Days for Life credits Ron’s efforts with saving the lives of three babies.

Many Americans don’t realize that laws like New York’s–laws legalizing abortion until birth–simply restore Roe and Doe in their original form. Abortion for any reason at any time in pregnancy.

But today when legislatures pass laws allowing abortion until birth and allowing the neglect until death of children who manage to live through the abortion process, Americans see that as extreme.

Most of America–even those who call themselves pro-choice–do not support abortion until birth. In fact, only 13 percent do.

Perhaps America has turned the tide on Roe and Doe. Perhaps the strategies of 40 Days and Ron can win the day.

If the side of life is the side of reason–and the side against life is a violent man kicking a peaceful elder and a screaming woman splattering paint on security guards, we will win.

But we must be like Ron to win. We must peacefully pray and stay at our posts–even if we are bruised.

Peace and prayer will win this, the battle of our lifetime. They are the greatest tools. If we use them and them alone.

The lives of many depend are depending on us.

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30 Replies to “No, I won’t stay down”

  1. Our example is Jesus Christ, Who, as we recently reviewed in preparation for the celebration of His resurrection, when He was reviled and accused, did not open His mouth in His own defense. Instead, as He suffered a most ignoble death, He prayed for His Father’s forgiveness of the very people who were the instruments of that death. God bless “Ron” for his grace and faithfulness in the face of hate.

  2. While I agree that peace and prayer are necessary, I would add proclamation of the Gospel. It is only through changed hearts that we will get changed minds. Praise God that He gives us prayer warriors like “Ron” who will not stay down!

    1. Yes! Those considering abortion need to hear of God’s love for them and power to forgive. Legislation needs to be changed but we also need to love the lost.

  3. We had a “Ron” in our city, an elderly gentleman who stood outside the abortion clinic daily. My children were little at the time, and they got used to our silent ritual of pulling into the parking lot whenever we saw him. The little ones would get out of the car, give the man a hug, and get back in. Then without a word, we’d drive away. One day a woman was in his face, screaming at him when we came by. We repeated the ritual of love as if she weren’t there. I don’t know how she felt seeing two little cherubs hugging the victim of her verbal abuse, but I pray he was encouraged.

    1. Wow. You are your own version of Ron. Many moms would’ve taken that opportunity to just drive away and come back some other time. What a wonderful lesson for the little ones. Thanks so much for sharing that story, Ann. God bless!

  4. Nancy, among all these laws, attacks, political unrest, and people on opposing sides, I like how you came to the final conclusion that peace and prayer will win the battle…our greatest tools! Amen!

  5. I love the bold stand Ron took for what he believes in. I hope we all stand up as strongly for our values!

  6. Yes! “Peace and prayer will win this, the battle of our lifetime. They are the greatest tools. If we use them and them alone.” A call for ever Believer! Thank you for sharing.

  7. What an incredible testimony Ron has provided for us all. Prayer, love and charity. May we continue to point others to Christ, so that they see why this matters to us so. Thank you, for all the updates in this area that we would never hear on the news. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. That is a difficult thing–loving in the midst of hate. May we do it so well our children will live in a different kind of place. God bless!

  8. As always thanks Sister for keeping us up to date on this important subject. Thank you, Lord for the people who are stepping up and stepping out for the unborn child!!! Great Message God Bless!!

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