Freedom to Choose?

She was 24 years old carrying a baby of 22 weeks gestation. She was looking forward to having her baby. But she sat before a court that would decide what would happen to both of them.

The judge understood that the woman was happy to know a baby was growing inside her. That the baby would need care. That she, the woman, would need help caring for the child.

The woman’s mother testified that it would be bad for the woman to lose this child.

The woman’s social worker agreed with the testifying mother.

The judge said that “if [the woman] was making the choice, . . . she would not want a termination. . . . she probably will suffer some trauma or upset from the termination,” and “that I do not underestimate the harm from this course [abortion].”

The judge said the mother’s “best interests lies in her having the termination.”

How did this woman end up before a judge who dared to decide death for a baby and harm for a mother whose supposed best interests dictated that she be childless through trauma?

The woman’s diagnosis of “moderate learning disability and challenging behavior” seems inadequate to answer the question.

But apparently the United Kingdom has a “Court of Protection” that makes such decrees.

I look forward to teaching George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four later this school year. Orwell set his story in England, the UK, where the Court of Protection presides today.

Orwell depicted a Ministry of Peace that oversaw the empire’s war efforts. The Ministry of Truth made up lies. And the Ministry of Love tortured the citizens.

Now the UK’s Court of Protection deems a little child must die so as not to become an inconvenience–to whom?

Has England truly fallen so far? Not quite yet.

As Matt Britton of Day 41 writes, “When ‘Pro-Choice’ Becomes ‘No-Choice.'”

“Praise be to God, the Author of Life, that the Court of Appeals quickly overruled this abomination and this young lady is well on her way to having the happy, healthy baby she wants.”

So one baby, one mother, one grandmother, and one social worker have escaped the horror of forced abortion.

But the UK sits on a slope that becomes more slippery.

Power slips from people into the hands of those who believe they know best what is best for all.

Not even George Orwell could have dreamed up such a world.

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22 Replies to “Freedom to Choose?”

  1. Wow, that seems surreal! It does seem like the plot of a sci-fi book or a dystopian novel. I am praying that all can open their minds and hearts and understand there are unborn children we are talking about here. That was a game-changer in my own mind. Great post, Nancy.

  2. I know it is true but so hard to believe that a judge could make such a decision against what the family wanted. How long before such decisions are made in our own country. We really are on some slippery slopes. Thank you Nancy for tackling such difficult issues with graceful words and thoughts.

  3. Heart Broken and thankful that things turned out in this situation. Sadly once again we see what is really going on in the world while we sit back in the comfort of our own homes. Thanking God that our parents gave us a chance to live, while around the world unborn children are being killed daily. Lord help us…… thanks as always for another wake up call Sister, God Bless

  4. Your example is far from the first atrocity British courts have perpetrated on families. I was so glad to learn the appeals court overturned the decision. A couple of families with terminally ill children were not allowed to leave the country to seek help elsewhere. I couldn’t believe that when I read it, but it made international news as well.

  5. It’s so troubling to think that a court can mandate an abortion…force someone to end a life based on what must be subjectivity to the details involved. Thanks for continuing to bring these social and biblical issues to the forefront, Nancy,

  6. This gets worse with each passing day. It’s not enough to allow these choices, but now to take away another’s choice to have a child…based on? A Hitler viewpoint grows in the name of “choice”. But whose choice?

  7. So very scary! The evil that lives within the heart of man is incorrigible. It is awful the decisions that some think they have the right to make for others. I’m glad the end result turned out well for this woman, but this process should have never happened in the first place.

  8. What have we become? And how much worse can we possibly be? The writers who predicted this understood human nature with the precision of theologians, though I have no idea of where Orwell stood regarding faith., Romans chapter one gives us a similar peek into the depravity of the human heart. How we need Jesus!

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