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Abortion numbers and rates are lower than they’ve been since the US Supreme Court pronounced Roe v. Wade upon us in 1973.

And it seems that’s a trend that may continue–at least in Kentucky.

The US Supreme Court recently refused to hear an appeal of Kentucky’s law requiring women seeking an abortion to undergo sonography and view the resulting image of their unborn children.

The law also requires physicians to play the audio of a fetal heartbeat for mothers considering abortion.

There are no exceptions for rape, incest, or maternal health–which has been so broadly interpreted to include financial need.

No longer will Planned Parenthood and its ilk be able to (legally) lie to women that their children are mere blobs of tissue.

Women who see sonogram images of their own unborn children are vastly more likely to choose life. That’s why PP works so hard to hide the reality of unborn life from desperate women.

That’s why so many women who later learn the truth suffer trauma.

Only nine other countries in the world have a higher rate of abortion than the US has. Overall in the US, the rate was 18 percent in 2017–nearly one of five. But in New York City the rate is 35 percent of all pregnancies–more than one in three.

There is much work to do.

This month, we celebrate the birth of a little boy born of a surprise pregnancy. We also remember the innocents killed as a ruler tried to eliminate his perceived competition.

Rachel–the women of Bethlehem–cried at the loss of her beloved children.

Rachels are among us today–the women who sought out a desperate solution only to find their desperation carries on within themselves.

They are the victims of false kings who offer the false solution of death–and collect a fee for it.

Next month we mark 47 years of legalized abortion in America–nearly half a century.

It seems much of America has decided enough is enough.

It seems our nation’s highest court has decided to let the states that want to draw a line draw it without pause.

The genocide continues in our nation’s largest cities. But the tide is turning.

And, Lord, may it rise to overcome this holocaust of the unborn.

Please bring the Good News Gospel of your birth–and the good news of all births–to our countryside–and our cities.

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21 Replies to “Good News”

  1. Wonderful news that the numbers are down but the battle is still on going. Thanks for keeping the fight before us.

  2. That is great news! I imagine how emotional it is to hear your baby’s heartbeat and see him or her moving around after you’ve been told the baby isn’t life. God’s truth will prevail!

    1. Sonogram changes the overwhelming majority of mothers’ minds. It’s so important to see the truth BEFORE making the permanent decision of abortion. Thanks, Emily. God bless!

  3. “The genocide continues in our nation’s largest cities. But the tide is turning.” I wish this were true of our medium sized city! PP seems to be as busy as ever here (Reading, Pa).
    May the nation hear and the Lord end this holocaust quickly!

    1. You are my neighbor (Altoona)! God bless Reading and her babies. And God, please raise a prayer effort over Reading to bring light to those dwelling in darkness there. Thanks, Beth. God bless!

  4. Beautiful and powerful as always, Nancy. I’m glad: the abortion statistics are lower, for the Kentucky law, how the visual and audio of unborn babies are played for their mothers, and for the baby of Bethlehem who brought the gift of grace and truth into our lives. Praying for more work and strides on the side of life!

  5. The past few years have been so encouraging on this front. May the powerful work of God continue and more and more lives be saved!!

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