The Road to Somewhere

So much of life is,
Like a footprint in the sand.
We work so hard,
But our marks wash away to nothing
On a road that seems to lead to nowhere.

But One marks each step,
Notes its direction,
Its influence,
Its intention,
Its imprint.

If we let Him,
He will direct our steps,
And lead us to a way,
Of no sand, of no lost meaning,
A road of His purpose.

Over hills, through valleys and storms,
Dark nights and new days;
We stumble; He leads on,
He lights the path, the road to somewhere,
And guides us in the way everlasting.

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18 Replies to “The Road to Somewhere”

  1. Such comfort and beauty in this! “We stumble; He leads on,
    He lights the path, the road to somewhere” AMEN!

  2. This is so touching, Nancy! A lovely poem! I’ve been thinking so much about this. No one really sees us clearly but the Lord. No one else really knows the subtleties of our character, our nuances, our small endearing traits. No one else considers us to be as precious. He records our details in his Book. He holds our tears in his bottle. With this reality in place, letting go and sliding slowly away into obscurity as we age, sicken, and one day die no longer has the bite that the very idea would have once held when we were young. Only his opinion of us matters.

  3. So beautiful and powerful, Nancy. I reread it three times to bask in the words and for the full effect to my soul. So comforting right now as I’m still in the valley.

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