Yes, Virginia, There Will Still Be Easter

So this year, my husband and I won’t make two kinds of soup, and homemade cannoli.

And even though I almost have five dresses done, three little girls and two bigger ones won’t be wearing them to church on Sunday. There will be no photo recollection of grandchildren on my front porch swing from Easter Sunday.

At dinner time, I’ll miss my kids, and their kids, and their kids.

And I’ll hope the six packages of Peeps I bought don’t get too stale before I can bestow the baskets–even though one daughter will end up with all of the Peeps since no one else likes them.

Appropriate to the year, she likes them to be a bit stale.

For the most part, this Easter will be different from any other we’ve ever experienced.

It takes me back to a Christmas moment. The Whos of Whoville wake to discover that Christmas has arrived. But they don’t even seem to notice that what signifies Christmas is missing.

They sing to welcome Christmas. They sing with joy. And when the Grinch’s heart grows, they welcome him to the feast he tried to steal from them.

So this year, we will welcome Easter. My husband and I alone will bake bread and color eggs and drink grape juice at Communion time as we watch church online.

This Easter I will pursue joy.

I will work to latch onto a wonderful moment to remember from the day. The Easter unlike every other of our lifetimes.

The Easter that, like all the others, calls us to remember that first one. When there were no colorful dresses, no marshmallow chicks, no chocolate bunnies, no colored eggs, no special foods.

Only a risen Savior to take away our sin.

And He is more than enough.

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18 Replies to “Yes, Virginia, There Will Still Be Easter”

  1. I too will miss seeing our children and grandchildren this Easter weekend. We love being all together and enjoying a turkey dinner and celebrating Christ and his resurrection!. So it will be a loss this year to not gather together. But we too will look for things to be grateful. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. I am actually looking forward to this new version of Easter. It will be simpler where we can really appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. I am learning to embrace these changes in our daily lives as I watch the Lord’s hand move around the world.

  3. I will miss all the traditional activities of “regular” Easter Sundays, but I have to say I’m kind of looking forward to the unexpected joy that will make this year’s Easter special. Lately I’ve been finding lots of it in nature. I’m thankful it’s spring and God is showing such abundance through the trees and flowers in our yard. God bless you, and happy Easter!

    1. It’s interesting that this year spring came early in our region. The beauty of emerging color and life is so encouraging and calming. So true, Jessica. Thanks and God bless!

  4. Only a risen Savior. Because all of the rest has been stripped away, our focus in so fixed upon him. He is our hope in all of this. You wrote about this beautifully, as usual. “This Easter I will pursue joy. I will work to latch onto a wonderful moment to remember from the day. The Easter unlike every other of our lifetimes.” Yes, and one we’ll always remember, largely because it was all about Jesus this year. Thank you for this post today, Nancy!

  5. Yes, Nancy. Easter looks different for all of us this year. I won’t be doing baskets for all the kids and grandkids. I won’t be cooking a huge lunch to enjoy right after a worship service (which will be online this year). Yet, we still celebrate what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross and with an empty tomb. He is risen!

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