Mundane Obedience: A Review

Why is a question we often ask God when we don’t understand our struggles. We know he allows everything for a purpose. We often don’t know the purpose.

In a beautifully written and illustrated Bible study, Emily Saxe dives into the book of Haggai. Mundane Obedience is a three-week study. And that makes the dive deep because Haggai is only two chapters, 37 verses in all.

Emily takes you on a couple of short side trips into Ezra, Zechariah, and Matthew as well to deepen your understanding of the chunk of history that we find in Haggai.

The Hebrews had rebuilt the temple’s foundation. But during Haggai’s time, they walked past the groundwork as they enjoyed their own nice homes.

Yet they struggled. Their crops were bad. They worked harder than they ever had. But “when you brought your harvest home, I blew it away,” God told them through the prophet.

The Israelites had a bad habit of not following the directions that came through the prophets, but this time was different.

They followed through–even in the face of discouraging circumstances. They worked and saw God work and provide. And they heard the promise of greater glory coming to the temple.

We often forget God’s glory as we grind out tasks that seem endless and pointless. But Emily, and the Holy Spirit through Haggai, reminds us that no act of obedience is pointless.

“I love remembering God doesn’t care so much about the big, lofty acts of obedience. It’s not about how much we serve in church, how many mission trips we’ve gone on, how much money we place in the offering. God cares about any and all acts of obedience done with a heart set on showering Him with love, adoration and respect. Even the small moments of obedience. Even the stuck-in-routine moments. He sees each moment of genuine obedience and receives them all
with joy.”

This Bible study requires small amounts of time for five weekdays over three weeks. The study is deep but not time-intensive.

And it just may help you see where God has been blowing away your harvest. And in so seeing, you may recover a crop of his glory in your life.

Photo Credit: Emily Saxe

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28 Replies to “Mundane Obedience: A Review”

  1. Sounds like a great book for these times when we’re cooped up in our homes, many of us unable to serve in our church in person. We can still be obedient when our church friends aren’t watching!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review of Emily’s Bible study on Haggai. Such an important teaching. I recently read a quote that went something like this: Every small act of obedience opens doors for the Lord to do the mighty acts on our behalf.
    I believe, in addition, as we heart-fully respond in obedience to the Lord, we become and more and more usable for His kingdom. Maybe not in the ways that make us widely known, but in the ways that God knows. May God bless this work, Emily, and use it mightily!

  3. This really sounds like a great book. Obedience has been a key focus word for me these last few years. If we have obedience in small things, the big things come next.

    1. Absolutely! I am reminded of the passage that talks about God entrusting us with little things to see how we trust in Him before He gives us “greater” things. Thanks so much, Jessica!

  4. The posts Emily has written about this have been a real blessing. I’m glad to hear that the Bible study is as rich as it appeared to be and that you enjoyed it so much. I shared your recommendation on Twitter to draw more readers toward Emily’s study. God bless you for promoting this young author, Nancy.

  5. I appreciate your wonderful review of Emily’s Bible study on Haggai and the great reminder that we are called to be obedient and faithful in the small, unnoticeable as well as the larger, more noticeable. Everything we do is to glorify God – every thought, word and deed.

  6. It sounds like it is a great study and a great reminder to be obedient in all things, both large and noticeable and small and less noticeable. God expects our obedience and sees how we respond.

  7. Emily Saxe is an awesome writer. Deep analysis of Bible application to practical everyday matters. This study sounds like a time well spent. I know I have mundane routines, and, yes, it’s hard to settle into them sometimes, especially hard to thank God for them and serve Him heartily in them.

    1. Thank you so much for that high compliment, Stephen! That’s a great point that it’s hard to thank God for the mundane. But I have a feeling there are days when the mundane will look pretty wonderful in comparison.

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