Changing the World

Jesus came to change the world.

His followers were looking for change. They wanted to be free from Roman rule. They were counting on Christ to make that happen.

But Jesus died. And the world stayed the same.

This life wasn’t going to be the way His followers had hoped.

But Christ rose. He ascended. The Holy Spirit came down.

Then something else unexpected happened.

The followers changed.

The world has been changing ever since.

The battle for hearts goes on around us, even within us.

We want the world to change.

How willing are we to endure change in ourselves?

How willing are we to act, pray, love, give, serve, sacrifice to see the world change?

How willing are we?

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20 Replies to “Changing the World”

  1. I love this post; and especially the question. How willing are you to allow God to change you? AMEN! The perfect question for each to ask ourselves. If we are willing to change, one person at the time, then we might change some part of the world. Until Christ’s return, evil will remain in this world. Let each of us endeavor to change as much of it as we can beforehand. Well said author!

  2. This pandemic, social unrest, and confinement, coupled with whatever else God is doing is our lives, is most certainly changing us in many ways. Will we change? Are we willing? Only time will tell.

  3. This hit me hard: “Then something else unexpected happened. The followers changed. The world has been changing ever since.” When we follow Jesus, we get the gift of the Holy Spirit, and we CHANGE! And we keep changing! And it’s not a “one and done” thing but an evolving process… daily, even hourly. Beautiful. Amen.

  4. So simple but yet so profound. Our country offers us so many comforts that I think many would not be truly willing to change and become more Christ like. Some keep Jesus only as an insurance policy, so sad.

  5. Succinct, powerful. While I’m waiting for my situation to change, Christ wants me to follow the disciples example and let the resurrected Jesus transform me!

  6. Willing to change, something we all like to tell ourselves we are willing to do. And, as life goes along, we willingly accept those changes that God sends our way, until we don’t like what He sends our way. How willing are we then? That willingness grows with our sanctification, praise God, cause we couldn’t do it on our own.

  7. That’s it, isn’t it? Just like when Jesus first walked the earth, His followers wanted change. But not the change that Jesus brought. At least not at first. Once He arose from the grave, ascended into heaven and sent His indwelling Holy Spirit, then hearts began to change. We need this soul- change now more than ever. Oh change us, Jesus.

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