Forgotten Dream

One of my favorite aspects of fall is watching flocks of birds dance through the sky in synchronized motion.

So I offer this from the work of a grandson and former student, Aaron Hildebrand. You or someone you know could be like the bird in this poem. Let’s work to recognize the broken-winged among us and show grace.

Almost too easy to pass by,

Save for when it gives a cry,

Is the gentle presence of a bird.

Planted lightly in the ground,

It makes a faint yet shrill sound,

In hopes that it will be heard.

In the wind high above,

Sparrow, jay, quail, dove,

Soaring through the sky.

As if by chance or fate

This one bird must forever wait

Till eternity may pass by.

From the sadistic hand of nature

Has this poor bird been injured,

With wings so frail and delicate.

In vain attempt it tries to fly,

Not wanting to leave the sky

Now one bird more desolate.

To the surface it quickly returns,

So far away from what it yearns,

As close as it may seem.

Distant remain the fields of blue and white,

Henceforth destined to believe that flight

Was but a forgotten dream.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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20 Replies to “Forgotten Dream”

  1. Reminds me of those long ago dreams, perhaps not forgotten, but so distant that they seem unachievable. Perhaps God has a different dream for us. Thank you for sharing this poignant message.

  2. Just read this aloud to my husband. We both agree it’s a sad account of this bird’s life. His brokenness has kept him from his purpose. But even in this, not a sparrow is overlooked by our Heavenly Father. The same is true of us.

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