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It’s snowing outside. And it’s cold. And television viewing options are, well, less than desirable. What to do?

Many subscribe to Netflix and find some worthwhile viewing there. During our family’s Covid and Christmas break, we re-subscribed for a time to watch Hillbilly Elegy, which did not disappoint.

The acting, directing, and storytelling were superb. J.D. Vance’s story is the American story, and this movie alone makes the subscription fee worthwhile.

Another great find on Netflix was Wish Man. The biopic tells the inspiring story of the founding of the Make A Wish Foundation.

Jacob Engels’ review of Wish Man points out that it’s “become increasingly rare, if not impossible to find films like ‘Wish Man’ that can get their message across without being vulgar or unnecessarily graphic.” 

Pureflix is a movie-membership site that endeavors to provide just that kind of entertainment. The company came to notoriety through the blockbuster God’s Not Dead film series.

Pureflix is a movie site that you can let your kids watch without worry.

Some of the fare, honestly, is so-so. But enough of it is good that subscription is worthwhile.

Late last year, AFFIRM, a subsidiary of Sony, bought Pureflix. It’s reasonable to expect an uptick in quality–with the hope that the high standards of storytelling without vulgarity or graphic violence will remain.

So put an extra log in the woodstove or fireplace, grab a hot chocolate, and happy viewing.

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24 Replies to “What to Watch”

  1. Thank you for the suggestions.
    One more good movie on Netflix is “Greater.” There’s one use of vulgarity, but it showcases the protagonist’s spiritual commitment.
    I highly recommend this movie.

  2. These are great suggestions! Now that my kids are older (3 out of 4 are now teens) we’ve had SUCH a hard time picking family movies to watch because of the bad messages in a lot of today’s movies. It’s frustrating.

    1. It is frustrating, Jessica. Pureflix has movies with great messages. And one had a message that is almost obscure in the church–that parents can be great advisors when grown adults select their marriage partners. Happy viewing. Thanks and God bless!

  3. As a country girl, TV reception (and now internet) has always been an issue at our house. I love movies, but as you point out, so many are not appropriate or appealing because of content. Thanks for your recommendations. I hope to get better internet so that someday I’ll be able to get some of these sites.

  4. It’s great that some movie producers have gotten the message that people don’t need vulgarity and violence in movies. Let’s hope AFFIRM will keep the parameters of Pureflix pure. Thanks for sharing these options!

  5. Looks like movie reviewer could be a new career path, Nancy! Let me add one. “An Interview with God” on Netflix is well worth your time. It will only be available until Feb. 28th. Generally I am reluctant to take spiritual lessons from Hollywood. This movie was well above the usual watered down “everyone’s convictions are OK” theme. The good use of God’s word was very positive. In fairness, there were a couple of moments I did not agree with completely but overall a very well done movie with a positive message. It is worth 90 minutes.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. Sounds great! An old friend of ours used to say that every so often a blind squirrel finds a nut. I guess this is one of Hollywood’s found treasure. God bless!

  6. Thanks so much Nancy. Now I have some new shows to watch. Like you, I find many shows lacking good content.

  7. We dropped cable and Netflix a while ago when shows were over-sexualizing young children and vulgar. We recently subscribed to Pureflix and have enjoyed it. Certainly, the Christian movie-makers operate on a lower budget, so we must keep that in mind when we compare with Hollywood. But to me, it’s worth it to fill my mind and heart with wholesome shows that reflect the values of my faith.

    1. You’re so right, Melissa. They are on a lower budget. And when you find a gem that tells a good story well, it’s worth any lack of special effects. Thanks and God bless!

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