Updating “Incompatible with Life” Babies

It’s been my most popular post since I began to blog.

How Incompatible Is Incompatible with Life, Really” first appeared on April 1, 2019, and it was no April Fools joke.

The post presented the real-life situations of three families–parents whose doctors encouraged abortion, one whose “caregiver” even demanded it.

Yet, life happened instead.

Mike and Rachael Andrews became Daddy and Mommy to Olenna and Vesper Andrews despite the pleadings of medical personnel to abort Vesper. The pleas of the medical personnel were persistent and presented only bleak possibilities.

The couple decided to exercise faith, not fear, and welcomed two healthy girls who are now 21 months old. The family welcomed a younger sister almost four weeks ago.

Rachael reports that the girls “are doing great!”

Craig and Hannah Sudlow’s pregnancy story is similar–but involved only one child. A doctor demanded the Sudlows abort Evelyn, diagnosed with Trisomy 18–a genetic disorder.

The doctor went so far as to schedule Evelyn’s abortion.

The Sudlows did not comply.

The doctor dropped Hannah from the practice. She spent five weeks seeking medical care.

Evelyn was born with fewer medical disorders than the doctors had predicted–yet still with Trisomy 18.

Nancy Flanders writes for Live Action: “Thanks to doctors who valued Evelyn’s life, she thrived. She became a big sister twice over, she met milestones her parents were told she never would, and she laughed and loved. Though no one could predict how long Evelyn would live or what her future would look like, it was clear that she was happy and that she was well-loved.

Happy and well-loved for three and a half years, Evelyn passed away in April of 2020.

Evelyn’s mother remembers her life, “not for the struggles and challenges, but for the joy and beauty.”

Evelyn Sudlow’s life brought joy and beauty to those who loved her.

A short-sighted person saw himself as an authority to decide life or death. He would have thought the world a better place without Evelyn.

Bella Santorum–like Evelyn Sudlow–has Trisomy 18. Her parents Rick and Karen also received pressure to abort. They know what it’s like to have a doctor tell you that you HAVE TO have an abortion. Like the Sudlow’s, they refused.

On May 13, 2021, Bella Santorum celebrated her 13th birthday.

Her father tweeted: “Our Bella is a miracle, a blessing, a joy, but like all children at times a trial. She is the heart of our family because in her simplicity, fragility and disability she reveals the gift God plants in all his children, His pure love.”

Doctors predicted the deaths of three of these children. They did not expect Vesper Andrews to live to be born.

They did not expect Evelyn or Bella to live beyond a few days after birth.

They did not know what they presumed to know.

Saddest of all is that they could not know the love and joy that comes from loving a child, no matter her state.

Photo: (Olenna and Vesper Andrews), Lakeside Portraits

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26 Replies to “Updating “Incompatible with Life” Babies”

  1. What an inspiring story! I have had at least two friends who escaped abortion. One whose mom was told she would die if she carried him to term (She did not.) and one whose mother wanted to abort but whose grandmother prevented it in ways that might not be legal these days. That friend is now a mother of five, grandmother of … I’ve lost track… ? Beautiful family.

    1. God bless the grandmothers who stand up for the babies. That lady might have known what would happen to her daughter post-abortion. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  2. This is an encouraging update! It’s beautiful to hear the stories of parents who ignored the advice of their doctors and chose to let their precious babies live. When we approach the medical profession, we cannot for a moment believe that they have “God-like” authority to tell us what to do. Nope. Our health and the health of our children must be watched over and guarded by us as we take all of our decisions to the Lord.

  3. Stories like the ones you shared remind us what we think is true or right might not be. Thank you, Nancy, fur sharing this powerful post.

  4. So sad when medical professionals forget their oath to “do no harm.”
    I, too, have a close friend whose doctor told her to abort because the baby would be born with life-threatening disabilities. She refused, and her precious baby was born completely healthy – not a single problem.

    1. I just don’t get it, Ava. We hear the stories so many times. A couple in Ireland learned the baby they aborted because of disabilities had none. Even so, those among us with disabilities have valuable lives too. Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless!

  5. Thank you Jesus for showing us how to follow you and not the world. What beautiful stories. Thanks for sharing Nancy.

  6. When man illegitimately tries to assume God’s power and authority claiming omniscience, the end result will be dramatic and pronounced crashing failure. It is a miracle that this lesson has yet to be learned by the “scholars” of our world. The experts continue to fail in the realm of knowing God’s power better than He knows it! Each of these pro-life living examples repeats God is the ultimate authority, the ultimate power, and the permanent existence of Love and Mercy. Thanks for the reminder Nancy.

  7. A large percentage of all the push to abort babies who aren’t “normal” is because we have become a society that wants to absolutely avoid any and all forms of discomfort, of challenging circumstances, and of any semblance of pain. We’re all about “pleasure-seeking”, and it should not surprise us that the medical community advises parents, in situations like you blogged about, to abort… for who wants hardships? But as Christians, we know that God is the one who will give us the strength to endure, and we do so because He is the Author of life. Many unique blessings come from our trusting that His ways are higher than ours.

  8. Such courage and faith these parents showed to persevere even when medical experts pressured them to make a different decision. God knows best, and there is joy and beauty even in difficulty.

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