Never the Same

These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also (Acts 17:6b KJB).

Their lives were set. They had worked at their jobs all their lives. They thought they knew which way life would turn for the rest of their days.

There was a hope for a political savior–to free them from the Romans. But mostly there was routine, the everydayness of work and home.

Then they met Him. Perhaps He was the one–the one who would save them from the oppression of Rome.

They were fishermen, a tax collector, others with occupations we don’t know. Simple men.


They listened. They followed. They believed.

Then one betrayed Him. Another denied Him. One stayed close to the end. The rest scattered.

They thought it was over.

The fishermen returned to their boats.

Life would be as it was before.

Then He arose.

Rome stayed, but His followers changed.

They received fire from heaven.

And they turned the world upside down.

His rising, a lie?

You may say so, but who dies for a lie?

Only one would not be killed for believing Him who said, “Follow Me.”

That one would suffer exile and write of encounters with Him. That one followed at the cost of all else–all else but eternal gain.

This story remains today.

To inspire us.

To show us how to follow Him.

To make us never the same.

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20 Replies to “Never the Same”

  1. I want to be the kind of follower who continues to turn the world upside down for the One who makes all things new and never the same. Blessings, Nancy, for this thoughtful piece.

  2. I love this, Nancy. Never the same because of Jesus. And it’s for Him that we live. I hope I can be a witness to those who need their eternity changed and who need to realize the life-changing truth of His Words.

  3. It is hard to believe but I am thankful I do. Thank you Lord, for doing all of this for us. Thanks Nancy, so moving

  4. I like this poem, Nancy, especially the part asking if His rising could be a lie. There is evidence besides logic to corroborate His resurrection, but the best is the life change He causes in us.

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