The Fall of Roe

“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings,” J.R.R. Tolkien.

After nearly 50 years, Roe has fallen. The dragon is slain.

The decision overturns the 1973 ruling of seven men who eradicated every law in America that prevented or restricted the destruction of preborn children.

Now states can decide whether and how to limit abortion. Sixteen states have already taken up the mantle of protection for the unborn.

Mississippi’s case, the one SCOTUS ruled on, limits abortion after 15 weeks–more than a third of the way through pregnancy.

Oklahoma passed a law protecting the unborn from fertilization (with exceptions, reported rape or assault, medical emergency, Plan B). Texas’s law restricts abortion after six weeks and provides no exceptions for rape or incest. (See here also)

Arkansas’s law is also quite restrictive, allowing abortion only when the mother’s life is endangered. Aside from cases like a tubal pregnancy in which the non-viable child’s death is assured, ending a pregnancy prematurely because of a mother’s health issue does not require the death of a viable child. That’s an idea pro-abortion advocates have ignored since before Roe. There’s a big difference between seeking the outcome of a dead child and ending a pregnancy early to care for both mother and child.

In anticipation of today, eight states promised legal access to abortion until birth as per Roe. At least New York expanded abortion access so as not to require a licensed physician to perform the procedure.

Efforts to pass expansive abortion laws on a nationwide basis have failed.

That’s where things stand today. What comes next?

For the other side, the battle has risen to a new level where there can be no limitations–and not just inside abortion facilities.

A prime example is the firebombing of crisis pregnancy centers recently.

These incidents rightly remind us of abortion clinic bombings in the late ’70s through the ’80s and into the ’90s. Media outlets widely publicized the bombings and arson of abortion facilities. Pro-life advocates decried the violence.

This time, the media have largely ignored attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers.

Further, legislative leaders (see here and here) have ignored or have gone so far as to support illegal protests outside the homes of SCOTUS Justices. The White House encouraged such demonstrations supporting a clear violation of the law prohibiting citizens from attempting to intimidate the judiciary to achieve a desired decision.

Not prosecuting illegal protesters may have contributed to a more serious form of protest also muted in the media.

The New York Times buried the attempt to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh on page 20.

Did the media tell themselves that one “crazy” person showing up with a knife, gun and other paraphernalia didn’t deserve a prominent headline. We must ask whether there is only one or a crowd of people willing to allow (or perpetrate) assassination for the sake of a political end?

It’s a crowd, and it’s larger than we would have imagined. Forty-four percent of young Democrat males as well as 34 percent of their Republican counterparts affirm “assassinating a politician who is harming the country or our democracy” as a moral good.

The Culture War is getting hotter, more warlike.

With Roe gone, a great deal hangs in the balance.

On the side of life, there are the children, parents, and other family members who become walking wounded after the trauma of abortion.

On the other side, Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion entity recorded its fifth-highest profits in 2017 at $98.5 million. Profits for 2020 were a mere $69.7 million. The University of Pittsburgh garnered millions in federal tax dollars for its companion industry of fetal experimentation.

The entities who make money from the deaths of children won’t give up easily.

Radicals willing to bomb and threaten those who oppose them won’t either.

Those of us on the side of life must continue to advocate peacefully for the innocent. Aside from the Dobbs decision, we have made progress.

As with many other issues, Americans are very divided over abortion although 70 percent of us favor some limitations, and growing numbers now call themselves pro-life.

We see courage in those willing to stand their ground in crisis pregnancy ministries–especially in states where the balance is tipped in abortion’s favor.

A decision has come down. But the argument is not over. Today is a day to proclaim repentance for our nation’s sins.

It’s a day to celebrate.

It’s a day to commit to courage come what may.

“Courage comes from the deepest recesses of our soul, where belief, hope, conviction, and grounded optimism, tempered by life experience, reside. It is seldom needed; when courage is called for, we either have it or not. those who know how to rally, in heart and deed, carry the day. Those who fold to fear slide away,” Robert B. Charles.

Let us not slide away.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9~

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26 Replies to “The Fall of Roe”

  1. Well said ma’am. I knew when I saw the decision come down, I needed to go look for your comments. Thank you for demonstrating a true Christian response to this landmark, yet far too long coming, judicial decision. I am reminded of Rev. Martin Luther King’s statement though, “You can never legislate morality.” The laws may have changed, but unless we change the hearts of many, little changes and far too many lives will be lost.

  2. Such a reason to celebrate, Nancy! When I heard of the leak, I was pleasantly surprised. But, of course, what comes next is always a concern. I work for a county public health department and support of abortion has come up every now and then over the years, but I’ve been pretty far removed from any such efforts. With department statements coming after the leak, I began to wonder if it is time to retire. If I am put in a place where I will have to decline to work on certain projects, I believe that will ultimately mean I retire. I haven’t seen any related announcements or activities yet, but I’m sure they will come. I purpose to put life and God first.

  3. As I am reading your message, the television is playing in the other room. I am hearing people yelling at each other, arguing without listening, and threats being made on both sides. God is watching. He knows the hearts of everyone. I’m praying for all children.

  4. Amen. The dragon is slain. Let’s continue to love like Jesus. Abortion is not the answer, but we people of Jesus must and should gather around those with unwanted or unintended pregnancies to give love and support in the name of Christ.

  5. This ruling is not the end – it is the beginning. Now more than ever, Christians will be under a microscope. When the advocates for abortion vent their anger, the way we respond will be a testimony of whether Christianity is a label or a lifestyle.

  6. You’ve presented the many angles to this victory very well, Nancy. But, as you say, there is more to come. We must gird ourselves now with courage to stand strong as representatives of Christ to the lost in this world.

  7. Well said and well received, Nancy. I’m thankful the dragon is slain but know some will continue to poke the beast in hopes it resurrects. There are so many people, circumstances and decisions to be praying for even as we praise. Thanks for pulling so many of the pieces together for us to consider.

  8. Thank you, Nancy. We celebrate and we pray on for other states to follow suit. And we embrace courage for the fallout that will continue. While we know this is a child, not a choice, others are blinded by the enemy.

  9. Since overturning Roe v Wade is letting the people decide for their own
    individually states, ironically, there is a way in which you could say this was a pro-choice decision. I’m thankful so many states are choosing to step up to defend the pre-born.

  10. When Roe was established in 1973, I was in high school. Abortion advocates had been putting pamphlets in our churches and schools about the benefits of abortion. I remember being horrified at age 14 when I read one. As we moved through those early years of Roe, so many girls that I knew chose to have an abortion, some of them repeatedly. Their bodies were wrecked by it, and they suffered miscarriages later down the road.

    It was presented to us as the magic solution that would make all the difficulties go away. It wasn’t. It still isn’t. By the grace of God, in the middle of all of this social pressure, when I became pregnant as a senior in high school, abortion wasn’t even on my list of options, not even considered, though everyone around me wanted me to make this mistake.

    Two of my high school coaches pressured me to abort, so that my senior track season would be my best. Really? Kill my baby to benefit my senior track season? I told them that I wasn’t even considering abortion, and I left the room. I was a little seventeen year old girl facing down two teachers and refusing to buy what they were selling. That was all by the grace of God. I’m so grateful that the Lord had instilled in me a deep love and affection for my unborn child. By the grace of God, I am maternal. Thankfully.

    May the Lord guide each of our state’s officials as they attempt to determine how to handle laws and actions post-Roe, the failed panacea. Give them the strength to choose life for the pre-born.

    1. I love your story, Melinda. I also was a teen expectant mother. I only faced one negative suggestion. I hope I would have withstood the pressure you did because now I can see what I would have missed. God bless those who suffer the pain of wondering what would have been if only. God bless, Melinda. Thank you.

  11. You were so strong and faithful, Nancy, to stick to this topic, to spell out the realities, to tell it straight. Your voice is but one of the clarion calls for life. I’m glad to have been able to read your words each week as you told the facts clearly.

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