The Counterculture Is No Longer Counter

“Over the last 60 years, the countercultural left has successfully changed the norms on every topic of political concern: from family formation, to the role of religion in public life, to drug use, to sex, to criminal justice, to war, to education. In short, the culture we have now is the culture that the counterculture wanted. The leftist counterculture has become our dominant culture, and it is supported and enforced by the most powerful institutions of our society.” Adam Ellwanger

Part of what’s happening within our civilization in decline is what Christians throughout history took for granted: that they were a minority and could only influence the surrounding society through a small circle of influence.

What was unacceptable in the “Christian” culture of the US from the First and Second Great Awakenings until the sexual revolution of the 1960s is now standard fare. We have exceeded what the wildest expectations conjured six or seven decades ago.

Struggling under the thumb of Rome, early Christians dwelled in a culture where the idea that they could widely influence belief and behavior was unimaginable.

Today, we are finding its opposite unimaginable, but we are living it out.

Every year as America “progresses” down a corridor of “tolerance” of sexualizing children and redesigning ourselves into our own creations, we move further into an amoral abyss. Yet within that morass, we see a glimmer of hope.

On one issue, America is moving toward the light.

Beginning in 2009, more Americans said they were pro-life than said they were pro-choice. Numbers in 2016 supported that trend. As did the stats in 2018 and 2021.

Americans have never supported abortion until birth. Ninety percent of Democrat voters do not favor abortion without limitation.

Pro-life views among young people are becoming more prevalent.

These relatively newfound convictions obviously haven’t always played out at the ballot box. Too many people still don’t understand what abortion is and what it does.

That it is the killing of a child. That it causes terror and agony to the unborn. That it marks mothers forever. That it wounds fathers beyond understanding. That it deprives our society of the opportunity to love the defenseless and disabled. That it means fewer of us are here to find solutions to today’s troubles.

It’s up to us to spread that word. Loving the weak is part of the Gospel news. Before we can let the little children come to Christ, we must let them come to light.

We are now the counter-culture of a darkened world.

We hold light they cannot see unless we show them.

Spread the word. Shine in the darkness.

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22 Replies to “The Counterculture Is No Longer Counter”

  1. Amen. I like how you pointed to the persecution experienced by the early church when “counter culture” was the norm, yet Christianity exploded both in numbers and zeal. As Christians today feel the heat of a culture and world in which we do not belong, our need to spread Christ’s love and light becomes more dire. May the “sleeping giant” arise!

  2. Well said, Nancy! Into this culture, I faced all opposition and insisted that I would NOT kill my baby by aborting him. In choosing life, I made the best choice, for I already loved him and knew he was alive and mine, deserving of life. I never considered abortion, as a result. And yet, I lost many essentials by choosing to marry the father of my baby and to raise our son together. My maternal instincts and the grace of God guided me and helped me as I learned to be a mother.

  3. It’s often in being in the counter position that we dig in and learn the basis of beliefs. I believe our cultural shifts will strengthen Christians to stand more firmly. Your exhortation is one we should all heed.

    1. Thank you, Annie. I agree. And these days will sort out the true Christ followers from those who are lukewarm or pretending. May they find the right path. God bless!

  4. One small light can literally light up a large, dark room enough to be able to see. So, that image brings to mind the song, “This little light of mine…” If all Christians bring out their “little lights” just imagine how that could drive back the darkness! Thanks for an eye-opening post. Bless you, Nancy.

  5. Well said Ms. Nancy. If we Christians would rise up and stand on God’s Word and not the watered down, cherry-picked versions we hear so much of today, then we could bring about the reversal of the path of destruction this once great nation is heading down. I don’t think it a political battle or solution, but a spiritual one. I loved your line of, “We hold light they cannot see unless we show them.” Such a truth there. Far too many so-called Christians feel safer only showing their Christianity at their church on Sunday mornings. Do they do this out of self-preservation or out of lack of faith? I think the latter. Thank you for speaking truth dear friend.

    1. I agree with you, JD. It’s a lack of faith. May God reveal Himself in us, in revival, in awakening. May we shine for Him and honor Him. God bless and thanks!

    2. We can be so blind and think of ourselves foremost… May we stop this blindness and look to God, not self!

  6. I’m glad to hear there is a light in this darkened country. And even better to think it is a light that values life. I do pray and hope that the trend away from abortion continues and that we begin to understand more fully some of the other counterculture accomplishments and turn those trends for the better as well. Thank you, as always, for sharing this information.

  7. It’s important that we are a light in the darkness. We are called to make a difference, by our example, our testimony, and our sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others. Thanks for the reminder, Nancy. We can each do our part. Blessings!

  8. We are so blind to how Satan is moving in our world or we ignore it. I can’t imagine the world my grandchildren will grow up. So very sad. I’m praying for a spiritual awakening in this country. Thanks Nancy

  9. Nancy, I always appreciate your voice for the unborn. Sad to think counterculture is no longer counter. Here’s one of my favorite thoughts about abortion. “Abortion is the evil reverse-image of the gospel. Instead of, ‘I’ll die for you’ it says, ‘You die for me.'” ~ Josh Howerton, The Gospel Coalition

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