The Little Circle of Us

We start by understanding that there is Truth.

We see our sin and realize God is our only hope.

We encounter him and find joy.

We find a small circle of others like us and settle into comfort.

We feel good about us.

We forget our sin and unworthiness;

We forget God wants us to wash feet,

Carry a cross,

Follow in his steps.

We feel good about us.

We see others’ sins, but not their wounds, their needs.

We look hard at their sins;

We forget our own.

Our little circle is snug.

We feel good about us.

Excerpted from Restoring the Shattered. Nancy E. Head’s Restoring the Shattered is out in paperback! Get your copy here!

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21 Replies to “The Little Circle of Us”

  1. How very true your words Ms. Nancy. Too many of us seem content to hide within our little shells and look to only care for ourselves. That is contrary to everything Christ’s life and God’s Word teaches us. Well done author!

  2. Sadly, this happens so easily. Everyone gets set in the daily routine, the known friends, and the familiar way of worshiping. Soon, we find we’re just exactly as you have described. You have a keen view, Nancy.

  3. SO good. You are right… when we get comfortable, we often forget our responsibility. Our job (sharing the Gospel, drawing others to Christ) is far more important than our feelings.

  4. Ouch! This is, sadly, true for many of us. That’s good because we need to get outside of ourselves to see the bigger picture that it’s not all about us!

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