Little Strength, Big God

Little Strength, Big God: Discover a God Bigger than Your Goliaths is a little book with a big message.

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed in life, to feel that our struggle is unique in history, to be discouraged by the political sniping, growing violence, and shrinking dollars our times have come to.

Some of us face larger challenges of personal tragedies, illness, or other loss that convince us that there’s no coming back for us.

Our situations intimidate us.

As we look back on our childhood studies of Bible stories, the characters often seem larger than life, as though they had no fears, no questions. To us, they seem too confident to be real.

But if we step into their shoes, we might be able to see that they were much as we are. They faced difficult decisions. They knew what seemed to be impossible circumstances. But the heroes among them followed truth and faith.

We can, we must, be like them. We’re all human. We’re all the same, past and present.

The book’s author Debbie W. Wilson says:

“Loss and intimidation are not new to God’s people. What if you had to choose between―

“– Drowning your baby or letting your worst enemy raise him?
“– Bowing before an idol or being thrown into a fiery furnace?
“– Compromising your convictions or being tossed to the lions?
“– Living in fear or leading ill-equipped volunteers against an intimidating enemy?”

Midwives who risked death to save Hebrew babies, the heroes of Daniel including the prophet himself, Gideon leading a miniscule force against a seemingly invulnerable army were real people serving the able, present Lord.

Debbie Wilson leads us to understand the mountains biblical heroes climbed, to hold the stones they threw at giants, to see the risk to themselves they endured for the sake of honoring God.

She has a message for you in retelling these stories.

God was faithful to those who trusted Him in the past.

He will be faithful to you as well.

Coming from Debbie soon: a Leader’s Guide for this study. Check out Debbie’s other studies.

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  1. This is a great message and wonderful sounding book. With Christ, we can be the same kind of heroes of faith in this generation. They got their strength from God and that same is available to us today. Thanks Nancy

  2. This sounds like such an inspiring and encouraging book. To know people in the Bible faced such hard challenges can help us all!

  3. Nancy, thanks for sharing Debbie’s book with us. I’ve heard about it, but haven’t ordered or read. I love the premise that God was faithful in the past and will be faithful to us today and even into our future.

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