Milico Mathers Reads: Good Books for Kids

School libraries and classrooms used to be trusted sources of worthy reads for kids. Today, that’s not a certainty in a growing number of communities.

Parents and kids need information about safe, clean books for kids and teens.

Books that are windows to history, culture, faith, and virtue. Books that urge readers to look outward to others, not just inward to self.

Books that invite young people into adventures that call them to higher thinking and nobler living.

A soon to launch website (we’re looking at mid-September),, will offer reviews of classroom and read-for-fun books. Students and parents can post short reviews or blurbs providing title, author, plot summary without giving away the end, information about the main character, and their opinion about the book including identifying an audience who would enjoy the read.  

At the beginning, we plan to focus on middle reader books (ages 8 through 13). You may offer a submission at or in the comments below.

Kids, tell us about the book you just finished reading. Grown-ups, dust off that copy of your favorite youth read and offer your insights.

We reserve the right to determine the “window” (looking outward) value of reviewed books and to edit submissions for punctuation and grammar, and for conciseness and clarity.

Share a message about a book you love!

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  1. You are so right, that “Parents and kids need information about safe, clean books for kids and teens.” There’s so much out there that is DEFINITELY not clean! Thanks for this.

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