Advocating Christian Unity

Advocating Christian Accord

About Me

Greetings!  I’m Nancy E. Head, writer, teacher, wife, mom, grandma, jam maker, quilt restorer, and most importantly, servant of Christ.

I became interested in Christian accord when one of my children embraced Catholicism, and I began to see how my own tradition often misunderstood that arm of Christianity. This blog is a forum where we can foster Church accord, specifically between traditions that preach Christ as the second person of the Trinity, the one who redeems us from sin, the one who is coming again.

That accord is what Christ called for in His prayer recorded in John 17. It’s not a call to water down our doctrines, sing “Kumbaya”, pretend that any faith is good faith. It’s a call to “be one” in Christian faith.

At the end of our Sunday morning worship within our own faith traditions, we can join hands to reach out to the hurting in our world. There is no lack of people who need mentoring and ministry. There is a lack of voice–the Church saying–here’s what we stand for.  Here is the one we stand for.

This site is where we can come to explain our journeys of faith in Christ, but not a place to argue over doctrinal differences.  It is where we work to find ways to minister together to honor Christ’s prayer that we that we would “all be one” as the Father and the Son have are one “so that the world may believe” that the Father sent the Son.

My Bio

I was a single mother of five children under the age of 14 when I went back to school in the hopes of putting my family in a better place.  With the help of Christian mentors, my family escaped dependence.  After college, I landed in a Central Pennsylvania radio newsroom where I got to know a meteorologist broadcasting from the Boston area. Our not so whirlwind, long distance romance led us to the altar. Later my career shifted to newspaper. Eventually, I found a home in teaching. That career move opened doors for me to teach in Asia.

My life passion is for Christ and His Church.

In 1992, I have a degree in English from Penn State and a masters degree from IUP. After spending a few years in broadcast and print media, I found a love for teaching at middle school and high school levels. A highlight of my career was spending two summers teaching teens in Asia. I blog at nancyehead.com, and you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn at Nancy E. Head.

Contact Info

Contact me via email at nancyehead@nancyehead.com.


My opinions are my own and not those of any employer of mine, past or present. I am not responsible for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use. Be careful out there. Life is a dangerous place to be. Let’s do what we can to watch out for each other.

Advocating Christian Accord

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    Hello Nancy! I nominated you for this challenge, hope you participate and have fun with it.


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