faithfulbloggersWhy Accord?

Christian accord is not a fuzzy sort of melding of Christian traditions.  Just as Christians of various traditions have come together to influence the hearts and minds of Americans regarding the issue of abortion, we can come together to honor Christ and minister in our communities and nation.  Many of our nation’s laws no longer reflect the Judeo-Christian ethic our founders embraced.

Decades ago, the state removed God from our classrooms.  Abortion became legal until birth.  Same-sex marriage is now the law of the land, and religious freedom is in jeopardy.  Our accord is useless if our agenda is only political.  This effort is not aimed at changing laws.  We must change hearts, and we can only do that through loving ministry.

Our effectiveness in changing minds about abortion is measurable in the reduced numbers of abortions we consistently see across the land.  It is immeasurable in that we can never know how many children are alive because of changed hearts and how many parents avoided the wounds abortion produces.  Acting in love and speaking the truth, we can change hearts and lives–even if our laws never change.

Most Christians of any tradition can point out the ways we disagree with each other.  Let’s not forget that evangelical and liturgical traditions assert that God made us in His image; Christ came to earth as the Son of God and of a virgin mother.  He lived a sinless life; He died because of our sins.  He bodily rose on the third day.  The Holy Spirit works in the world and our lives today.  Christ is coming again.  We also agree that salvation is by His grace.

Some of our disagreements find their foundation in our different practices.  These differences are real.  We tend to remain in our separate denominational cocoons because we misunderstand each other’s faith languages.  This site’s purpose is to call us to overcome our misunderstandings and obey Christ’s call to minister together.

Many Christians think of a sense of community and agreement within a small congregation when they think of accord.  In letters to the Corinthians, the Ephesians, and the Colossians, the Apostle Paul encouraged small Christian bodies to embrace accord.  (I Cor 1: 10; 11: 17-19; 12: 12; 12: 25.  Eph 4: 3; 4: 13.  Col 3: 14.)  But Christ’s prayer is for all “those who believe in Me” (John 17: 20)–those truly committed to following Him.  Christ prayed that the Church would be united.  And He promises amazing results if we will obey.

Like every other Christian principle, there is practice, how we live out the principle, and there are results from that practice, the fruits of the seeds we sow. Accord produces fruit, and Christ explained what those fruits are in His prayer.  He prayed:

  • that we would “all be one” as the Father and Son are “so that the world may believe” that the Father sent the Son;
  • that we “may be perfected in accord “so that the world may know” that the Father sent the Son and that He “loved [us], even as the Father loves the Son”;
  • that we would be with Christ where He is so that we would see His glory “which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world” (John 17: 21-23).

Accord helps the world to believe.  Accord helps the world know Christ is God’s Son.  Accord helps us see Christ’s glory.  Let’s come together to shine His Light in an ever darkening world!


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    Hi, Nancy…I absolutely love what you have written, and how you express the truth. I used to be on YouTube a lot back in the day, making video’s, connecting with others, trying to share in my own way the grace and love of Jesus, (boy, were my eyes open to the animosity even amongst Christians). I thought to myself, the Word of God says they’ll know we are Christians (or His disciples) by our love for one another… all I saw was animosity, hatred and anger. It grieved my heart thinking if a non-believer were to observe this they would not walk away with any sense at all of the Greatness and the Grace of God. I enjoyed this so much. Look forward to reading more…though I’m a bit sporadic at times…:)

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