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A Letter from Licentia

December 11, 2017 — Leave a comment

My name is Licentia. It means free love, but I am anything but free. I was an embryo of an idea in Eden and have been born and reborn many times throughout history. My most recent manifestation began in the Western Civilization of the 1960s. I was a full-fledged idea before that. But that’s when people started to find it easy to ward off the consequences of my embrace. Or so the people of the day took as gospel; many still do.

“I am harmless,” I preach. “I bring you only pleasure and never pain.” Because of their innate innocence and trust, and because of their desire, they believe me.

Their faith in me ensures what they once considered a sacred physical union of marriage has become recreational. No longer a complete commitment, simply mere entertainment.

I’m especially good at convincing people how to avoid one of the nastiest results from such recreation–children. Messy, noisy, inconvenient, and expensive, the most negative aspect about them is that they can make some people grow up.

Those who mature internally cast me aside.

I’ve been pretty successful in selling the idea that children are burdens rather than blessings. Sometimes, I can convince a man to push a mother to destroy her unborn child. He simply tells her that she will please him to do it. Afterward, he discards her like a piece of trash, which leads her to believe that she is indeed trash.

Her regret over the child soon follows.

On the other hand, I have also been able to press the mother herself to cast off her child against the wishes of the father who wants to nurture his offspring. In this way, I wound her spirit and foster a helplessness within his heart that he carries to his grave. At my leading, a few societies destroy the little beasts even after they’re born.

But child avoidance is only one of my talents.

I have the power to infect them with diseases to maim and kill those I encircle. I teach some to use violence to get what they desire. Some of them end up in prison. There are real prisons with real bars and there are virtual prisons. It is a small matter to me which one they inhabit.

Most effectively, I teach them that exploiting each other for pleasure is what love is. I destroy every vestige of true devotion to anything other than their own pleasure. Thereby I destroy the monstrosities themselves, for I loathe them when they are virtuous and sound in their hearts.

Above all, I shall never be satisfied until they are all destroyed. I alone seem to realize their destination–their journey’s end. Of late, I have reached new lows in my attacks upon civilization.

I give them easily accessible moving images to watch to substitute for the real thing they are missing.

I have cultivated the idea that there should be no differences between them. That men and women are interchangeable. Therefore, one of them is unnecessary. They have no need for each other. They need only me.

Presently, I am hard at work on a new campaign to silence those who speak out against this way of thinking. It’s outcome remains to be seen, yet I am optimistic.

In a heretofore unheard of development, I now offer them the means to produce the vile progeny without the direct involvement of the other sex. I admit I prefer their unequivocal destruction. But if they don’t destroy their children before birth, I can destroy their spirits after birth. I keep busy either way.

Nowadays, fewer people understand the sacredness of true love. And each new generation is further removed from the days when love actually meant the giving away of oneself. A wretched notion!

It’s not at all like the past when the Church was awake. Oh, make no mistake. Throughout history, I have captured plenty of those who sit in the pews. And others of their ilk just point fingers at my victims.

The best scenario? Some are sound asleep. Shhhhhh! For me to succeed, they must remain in slumber.

There are few mentors, few sympathizers, few who will speak from their own wounds to heal others.

Seldom spoken years ago, the so-called four-letter words are now common. And the old three-letter word, the most cursed word in their modern language? I make sure that there are plenty of people around to make fun of anyone who uses the word sin. That’s my best-kept secret.

As their great author Dostoevsky once predicted: “ages will pass, and humanity will proclaim by the lips of their sages that there is no crime, and therefore no sin, there is only hunger.”

When the guardians sleep and the general populace place themselves in my hands, I cannot fail.

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Post revised from November 2015

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“Statistically, there is no hope here.”

That’s what one doctor told former Senator Rick Santorum and his wife Karen when their daughter Bella was born.

More than nine years ago.

The doctor referred to Bella as “baby”–because somehow we are more human when we have a name. And he could not bring himself to attribute humanity to her. Continue Reading…

A couple of generations after Roe, the idea that the strong can decide what life should be for the weak is not legal but it is becoming normalized. 

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“The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships.” ― Mother Teresa.

Forty-four years after Roe v. Wade and  America finds that the issue will just not go away. There was an expectation that a generation or two growing up with this “right” would not be able to find its way back. The issue would dissolve into acceptance. The procedures would be legal, safe, and rare.

Many did not walk down that road of thought.

But rare it is becoming. We have looked through the window of the womb and many of us have found ourselves.

The shift in thinking today seems to spring from a scientific view–not a religious one. An accusation in the early days of the argument was that those who opposed abortion sought to impose a religious view on the non-religious. Continue Reading…

America is forty-four years after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion for any reason and at any time during pregnancy (provided you could find a doctor to do it–and many have). But the tide is turning.

Or perhaps has turned.

The Guttmacher Institute–which supports abortion and tracks its numbers–says abortions are happening at half the rate of the peak years of the 1980s.

The institute’s report says, “it is unclear whether the most recent decline in abortion is due to fewer women’s having unintended pregnancies, more women being unable to access abortion services or some combination of these dynamics.”

Which seems to eliminate other possibilities. Even so, the report acknowledges that, even in some places where access to abortion increased, rates came down.

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Freedom Nobody Can Take Away

February 23, 2016 — 4 Comments

But make no mistake, we will still be free. We will still be able to speak, write, petition, proclaim. The only difference is that, then, doing so will cost us.

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“This last-ditch move of desperation is going to expose all of the sordid dealings of the California Planned Parenthood affiliates to the light of the legal system and the public will see them for the corrupt abortion and baby body parts profiteers that they really are.” Center for Medical Progress website.

That’s a confident statement from David Daleiden–the man behind the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s principle players negotiating deals for the sale of baby parts.

We can only hope he’s right, but we can’t be sure yet.

When I heard the news that the Harris County District Attorney’s office was indicting Daleiden and an associate, my initial reaction was surprise.

But I should not have been surprised. America’s legal system was established with truth seeking in mind. The system presumes the accused are innocent. It has established rules of evidence. Those who speak to it swear to be truthful. The system is supposed to expose wrongdoing and to seek justice for wrongdoers and victims. Continue Reading…

“You are anti-abortion and anti-gay,” she said, seeming to sum up my entire worldview. Five words to define me.

She knew me from brief classroom conversations and my writing, including my personal history as a reader. I wrote that history for her graduate class in literacy in 2006, before same sex marriage was a national argument. In it, I mentioned Bernard Nathanson’s book Aborting AmericaNathanson’s account of his journey from abortion doctor (his term) to pro-life advocate. Continue Reading…

“Much of Christianity’s retreat from the truth or tempering of our witness in the West has been motivated by good intentions—not to offend or be judgmental, the desire to feel more personally connected to God and to make Christianity more relevant and culturally acceptable.

“The history of Christianity…shows the reverse to be the case. While we always want to be sensitive to other cultures, we cannot be co-opted by them.”  Charles Colson

One of the most amazing aspects of the Gospel is its universal appeal. It tears down the walls of culture. It is for people of all races and from all nations. Rather than being exclusive, it is inclusive. All may come.

Churches need to guard against the perception that they are closed communities, that minorities need not participate.

One thing the Gospel cannot do is deny truth. And coming to Christ means commitment to truth and striving in obedience toward holiness. Continue Reading…