No Brotherly Love in Philadelphia

“True it is, They that are born of the flesh, hate and persecute them that are born of the spirit.” William Penn, Chapter One, VII~
His statue stands atop the great structure in the center of Philadelphia–City Hall. William Penn understood what many of us are just figuring out. The world will never understand nor appreciate our deeply held, uncompromising convictions.
And their disdain for our views trumps even the appearance of compassion. A voice of false compassion casts aside victims unrelated to its intended target.
The Daily Signal reports that days after making an urgent plea on behalf of 300 homeless orphans of the opioid crisis, Philadelphia ended its placement relationship with Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services. Because those agencies hold Christian convictions and will not place children with unmarried or LGBT couples, they can no longer place children at all.
In the Keystone State in 2015, more than half of the 16,000 kids in foster care had been removed from their homes because of “parental drug use.” Philadelphia ranks second in deaths by overdose out of 44 counties in the US with populations greater than one million.
The need is indeed great, and there are many, but not enough, ways to meet it. Continue reading “No Brotherly Love in Philadelphia”

A Long Awaited Day

As many wonderful things do, it started with a lemon meringue pie.
It was November 1, 2017. I was sitting in our local Perkins (where one finds great pies) with a few grandsons, our exchange student, and my husband. We were marking what would have been my father’s 101st birthday. His birthday “cake” was always a lemon pie.
My phone rang, and I saw that my son was calling. I expected him to tell me he was coming–or not coming and I should save him a piece of the pie. Instead, he said this: Continue reading “A Long Awaited Day”