Championing the Unborn Even When It’s Hard

“Eleven jack-booted thugs” raided his house to retrieve the evidence. They thought he was a criminal. But the evidence implicated someone else.

Many someone else’s, actually. They are the someones at Planned Parenthood whom he caught negotiating the sale of the body parts of unborn children.

He calls himself a citizen-journalist. He is David Daleiden, and he spoke at the 2019 March for Life Conference in Washington, DC, last week.

“The body parts [of unborn children], he says are valuable to sell because they are just like ours,” he says, proving the humanity of the unborn because they are just like us.

The videos reveal that Planned Parenthood has violated the law by selling the body parts, performing partial-birth abortions in order to obtain them, and ignoring the Born Alive Act requiring that viable unborn children born alive as a result of abortion receive immediate medical attention.

(Reader discretion advised as you proceed.)

Planned Parenthood claims that they only receive reimbursement for processing, and shipping and handling costs. But Daleiden has recovered a copy of an invoice showing a double charge–per body part–for two fetal eyeballs shipped in the same package.

Daleiden refers to Planned Parenthood’s abortion business as “state-funded, industrial scale abortion.”

The word industrial implies a for-profit venture on a mass scale. Medicine (like education and law) was once a profession–an art practiced with the idea that the main advantage would come to the recipient of a service–not to the practitioner. The patient was someone to assist back to better health–not someone to exploit for profit.

Criminal charges against Daleiden have been dropped, but Planned Parenthood’s civil suit against him remains. He would appreciate your prayers.

There is a wonderful irony in the story of David Daleiden. He describes himself as “the product of a crisis pregnancy situation.” He grew up with the idea that sometimes children are conceived in less than ideal circumstances, but that “now is always a good time to welcome a new little person into the world.”

Now is a wonderful time to welcome the new little people that Planned Parenthood is horrifically exploiting for profit.

David Daleiden could have been among them. He is one Planned Parenthood missed.

And our world is better because of that.


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Abortion: A Money-Maker for Some, A Non-Choice for Women

“Two years after undercover videos rocked Planned Parenthood, the organization has emerged stronger than ever financially–thanks to a massive influx of private donors and support that is helping the organization evolve and restructure.” National Catholic Register.
It seems unbelievable that the truth about Planned Parenthood affiliates selling the body parts of unborn children could bring this result.
Not surprising is what PP is doing with the money: using it to keep more money coming in.
PP has allocated $96 million “to strengthening its grass-roots activists and lobbying apparatus” in order to “strengthen and secure Planned Parenthood.”
This news comes in the light of greatly reduced client numbers–down from three million to 2.4 million. PP is experiencing a 13 percent decrease in total services, a 14 percent decrease in abortion facilities, and most remarkably, a 60 percent decrease in prenatal care.
It seems some expectant mothers have seen the Daleiden videos. Or read the online reviews. Continue reading “Abortion: A Money-Maker for Some, A Non-Choice for Women”

The Slippery Slope Is Real

It was called the slippery slope. A pro-life argument that legalizing and normalizing abortion would lead to further disregard for human life. It was part of the discussion in the early years of the pro-life cause.
Abortion would lead to infanticide and then, first passive, then active, euthanasia.
In 1982, the case of Baby Doe continued the slide. Baby Doe had been born with Down Syndrome and a need for surgery to connect his esophagus to his stomach. It’s a fairly common defect. And usually, there is no question about doing the surgery. Continue reading “The Slippery Slope Is Real”

HEADlines–Planned Parenthood, Porn, and Bathroom War Updates

Here are some updates on recent blog topics. “Sale of Baby Body Parts Hearing–Our Humanity Should Be Repulsed.”
A House committee is investigating whether abortion clinics are illegally selling body parts of unborn children for profit.
“For crying out loud, this is the of baby body parts,” Rep. Joe Pitts, R-PA, commented. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-CA, charged that the hearings were designed to “restrict women’s healthcare.”
Killing babies isn’t healthcare. Making this allegation is a red herring–designed to get us to look away from the topic at hand–the babies. Continue reading “HEADlines–Planned Parenthood, Porn, and Bathroom War Updates”

The Doublethink of David Daleiden's Indictment

“This last-ditch move of desperation is going to expose all of the sordid dealings of the California Planned Parenthood affiliates to the light of the legal system and the public will see them for the corrupt abortion and baby body parts profiteers that they really are.” Center for Medical Progress website.
That’s a confident statement from David Daleiden–the man behind the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s principle players negotiating deals for the sale of baby parts.
We can only hope he’s right, but we can’t be sure yet.
When I heard the news that the Harris County District Attorney’s office was indicting Daleiden and an associate, my initial reaction was surprise.
But I should not have been surprised. America’s legal system was established with truth seeking in mind. The system presumes the accused are innocent. It has established rules of evidence. Those who speak to it swear to be truthful. The system is supposed to expose wrongdoing and to seek justice for wrongdoers and victims. Continue reading “The Doublethink of David Daleiden's Indictment”