Ripples in the Flood Waters

It’s a Dunkirk of sorts, the National Catholic Register points out. Dunkirk was a moment when private citizens took it upon themselves to rescue trapped British and French soldiers. The rescue averted a presumed inevitable disaster that would have resulted in Germany’s occupation of Great Britain.
But that isn’t what happened.
People stood up and made the difference. Not specially trained soldiers and sailors. Just regular folk. And the same thing happened in the literal wake of Hurricane Harvey.
NPR reported: “All over Houston, you see what is being called the Texas Navy: private citizens pulling their fishing boats behind pickups. They’re launching their vessels at the water’s edge, which could be anywhere that a street becomes a bayou.”
Today another storm prepares to rage against another state–Florida. Florida doesn’t expect the flooding Harvey brought to Houston. But the winds Hurricane Irma brings could be devastating. People are already preparing to help. Regular folk.
Water rises or simply falls, yet helpers and rescuers drop small pebbles into it. Ripples go on as people touch the lives of other people. We change others. Others change us. Continue reading “Ripples in the Flood Waters”