The American Church of the Future

“I think that the way the world is going, the way the US is going, I think there’s going to come a time, and it’s probably going to be sooner rather than later, when what I do in a public forum [preaching the Gospel] is going to be labeled a hate crime.” Francis Chan
As I drive around my city, I see many buildings that used to be churches, now empty and decaying or converted to dance schools or office buildings.
Christianity has ebbed in flowed in America since the pilgrims landed. There was ebb; then Awakening. Another ebb, another Awakening. In that second waking time, America freed slaves, prohibited abortion, introduced mandatory education, and enacted child labor laws. We regulated medical care to protect people from untrained quacks. We required employers to take steps, steps that often involved losing money, to protect employees.
We weren’t perfect. But we were better than we had been. Continue reading “The American Church of the Future”