What You Can Only Imagine–A Review

Imagine a boy with gifts and dreams.
His father had once been a boy with gifts and dreams. But his gifts left him and his dreams didn’t happen. He did all he could to tell the boy not to dream.
But the boy dreamed anyway.
The boy wanted to please the man. But the gift the father had passed down also left the boy. What remained for the boy were only the gifts connected to his own dreams.
The father did not respect those dreams. He did not respect the boy. He was mean. He was abusive.
But a teacher saw the gift. The boy was reluctant. She encouraged. She even pushed. Others saw the gift.
The boy began to see the dream on the horizon. But he had to heal the hurt from the father before the gift would be real for the whole world.
The boy could not find the healing.  He did not even want it. He had given up.
Only God could make it happen–but the boy didn’t believe it was possible..
If you haven’t seen I Can Only Imagine, it’s in theaters now. Go see it. And take a friend. Well scripted, well acted, tremendous music–a fine film.
It’s more than a movie experience. It’s storytelling that shows God’s great work of redemption.
And that great work is so much more than we can ever imagine.

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